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Thursday, August 14, 2008
It seems I have a lot of shots of myself and my dad together but almost none of my mom and I, or anything from the teens. This is not all that surprising. When my parents were still together, mom was usually the photographer and then they divorced as I entered my teens and we almost never took photos from that point onwards. I have a copy of my highschool graduation photo and some shots from my friend Kim’s wedding around the millennium but I doubt I’ll be sharing those. Let’s dive into the archives, shall we?

1975. Apparently a good year for photos as I have a few of them. Dad’s wearing jeans which isn’t so surprising nowadays but I NEVER remember him wearing them as a child. If it wasn’t his military uniform, he was wearing either a leisure suit or some sort of dress slacks. It wasn’t until I looked closely at the scanned photo that I realized he’s clad in denim. Shocker! A cute photo of the two of us together. The sad part is that I remember every piece of furniture in that photo. I loved that recliner and the picture in the background? I still have it – a lovely shot of Big Brother and I. And we don’t discuss the hair.

A few years later, it’s my birthday. I remember this day. My parents had given me a couple of books by Thornton Burgess (Unc Billy Possum and Reddy Fox) and a little toy organ with colour-coded keys (it came with a song book too). That was a great birthday. Except for the fact that my father got mad at me for some reason shortly after this picture was taken. Ah well, that’s in the past. However, I don’t recommend saying Marble-ade to my father unless you were part of the original conversation. He’s a tad bit touchy! And the shirt? It was totally awesome, at least in my own mind.

These are my parents, back in the day. This is the coolest my dear dad has ever looked in his life. My father looks like the neighbourhood badass and mom, his sassy hottie. And check out the legs…thank goodness I inherited those! Even though this was taken in the late 60s, I remember that towel from my childhood. Creepy. It was white and had a huge purple hippo on it with the word BIG written across the bottom; we used to take it to the lake when we went camping all the time. The photo was taken on my mother’s family’s farm around the time that they got married. Mom’s face makes me think of Anne Hathaway which is weird because she looks great in the photo and I don’t particularly enjoy Anne Hathaway or her movies.

Speaking of my mother…this is a more accurate representation of what she’s really like. Wacky. Zany. A bit on the bizarre side. Explains me and my sense of humour, does it not? This was before the unhappy marriages, the addictions, the divorces, and all the rest. I’m happy to say that this is the face I see almost every day now albeit 40 years older than in the photo. And I couldn’t be more pleased. Even when a co-worker told me that she thinks I look a lot like her. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been sticking my tongue out when she looked at the picture to compare.

Big Brother, the pistol packing, mustached evil villain of my childhood. Sadly it is NOT Halloween. This photo was taken in the late 70s (naturally) and it was either Christmas Day or New Year’s. The mustache is not a result of the early onset of puberty but rather one of the plastic toys you get with the Christmas crackers (the ones with the paper hats inside too). The plastic mustache is long gone replaced now with a naturally grown goatee. The look on his face and the stance are still around. There was a shot of him in one his high school yearbooks (“Super Dave”) which is eerily similar to this one except he’s wearing a towel as a cape and he often stands like this when he thinks he’s done something extremely clever. Siblings…go figure.

That’s it for now. You can check out more of the pics on Flickr though if you really want to.


ems said...

You have a fantastic smile!

Captain Karen said...

Thanks Ems! Unfortunately I still have the pointy chin and the freckles too.

Gardenia said...

You were a beautiful child - your parents are pretty good looking too. A sweet nostalgic post!

mister anchovy said...

Old family photos are so much fun!

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