Scratch one 1/2 Pint Pompey Mug

Monday, August 25, 2008
Yep, I won't be ordering one anytime soon. I broke down today and figured that I would order one since the British Import Store (yes, that's its name) doesn't carry anything of that sort. So, I clicked on Internet Explorer, navigated my way to the Portsmouth official online store, entered my info, added it to my cart and scrolled down to get the final price. Holy shit.

No matter how many times I switched the shipping to the least expensive option, it wouldn't switch from the "express" delivery. As a result, it works out to almost £16! When you convert that to USD (which you can do on their website...very handy for us foreigners), it's an outrageous $31. For a glass mug. Damn international shipping. The mug itself is only $8 which I'm more than willing to pay. I'd even double that to inlcude shipping...heck I'd go as high as $20 to get it from overseas. I draw the line though and refuse to pay thirty bucks for a mug. No sir. I'll just have to be pintless until such time as I can pick one up in person and smuggle it back in my suitcase.

And, no surprise here, we lost to Man Utd. today 1-0 which means we're officially in last place alongside Wigan Athletic, WBA, and Tottenham. And when you throw in the goal differential...yep, you guessed it. Dead last. Oh the shame.... Next up, Everton on Saturday.


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