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Friday, August 15, 2008
I love this photo. I think it’s just absolutely beautiful. One of those random shots that turn out perfectly – something you couldn’t recreate even if you tried. It’s not actually a war-time photo but rather taken on August 16, 1962 according to the back of the picture. The two men are “Uncle” Harold Ballard who I mentioned in the previous post and someone named Steve Sharp, and they’re sitting in a grotto looking out at on the lake and surrounding trees at Stonehead Gardens, Wiltshire. My grandmother’s written on the back “These gardens are very beautiful & belong to the National Trust, an organization that preserves and tends to famous beauty spots in Britain. Many wonderful trees from all over the world here, growing quite happily too.”

A shot of some of Cecily’s wartime friends outside what I believe is Harold and Erica’s home (still no luck on tracking that info down). Left to right: Chris Nielson (or Neilson depending on which photograph you look at), Don Teford (?), Harvey Ball, and Murray Montgomery. From June 1945, a month after the allied victory in Europe. No wonder they look so happy.

This is the only photo I’ve come across of my grandmother during the war in the box of treasures I uncovered in the closet. There is, of course, this photo of her in uniform but nothing candid so far. I’ll keep looking. This lively bunch of gals shared the same barracks during training in Ottawa (from 1941 – 42 I believe). I won’t bother listing the whole group as some of the names were hard to read and I likely got them wrong. My grandmother is third from the right but it’s almost impossible to make her out on the scanned copy. Trust me though, it’s her. Tallest one in the bunch as usual.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Those are priceless pieces of history. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Gardenia said...

I love these old war time photos - any war time photos - old photos! The one in the garden is priceless - beautiful!

Well, I can relate to your grandma, always standing a head taller than those around us!

So she was in the service! Do you have any stories she told you that you can relate?

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