Busy Busy Weekend!

Sunday, September 14, 2008
I'm currently running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Actually, I'm currently typing up this blog post but before and after doing so, I'll be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. It's been a busy busy weekend for me and yet I feel as though I've accomplished very little.

Saturday morning was filled with a couple of loads of laundry, trips to the grocery store with the Admiral, another outing to the library followed by a stop at the drug store. Arrrgggh. That pretty much took up my whole day. I don't think I sat still for longer than 15 or 20 minutes at a time. Today isn't much better although I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay in one place for a little bit longer before running off to the next task...got my weekly fill of Coronation Street (ooooh Liam, you're going to regret asking that!), then it was cleaning up a week's worth of clutter, managing to grab a bite to eat, and trying to finish off my niece's birthday present (a cute rainbow striped hat...pictures hopefully to follow) before we have to run out the door to Big Brother's house for dinner/cake to celebrate. Since I only started knitting on Friday night, I had to work furiously to get it finished in time today and had to skip the lecture at the museum. What can you do, right? The coins can wait - a six year old with an attitude cannot.

After all of our running around on Saturday, we plunked ourselves down for a declicious dinner (thanks to yours truly!) followed by a movie. Since the next installment in the James Bond series will be hitting theatres soon, we've decided to work our way through the rest of the films. A few weeks ago it was Dr. No - frankly, a snoozefest. It was so boring. This weekend, I had picked up copies of From Russia with Love and Goldfinger (possibly the best Bond film ever) from the library. While we had intended to watch FRwL first, seeing as how it's No. 2, I put the wrong disc in the DVD player and by the time the theme song started, we were hooked and didn't want to switch it. Of all the Bond films I can remember seeing, Goldfinger is definately my favourite. Casino Royale wasn't bad (I was one of those who actually liked the new Bond), Moonraker is only good as a college drinking game, and we don't discuss Timothy Dalton as 007. Ever.

Goldfinger stars Sean Connery as the dashing super spy, clearly the sexiest Bond. Something about the Scottish accent, the swagger, the way he holds his cigarette, the perfect amount of chest hair, and the dry way he delivers his truly corny jokes. My favourite in the film? In the opening scenes, he fights off a would-be attacker throwing him in a bath. As the man reaches for a gun, Bond throws an electric fan into the tub, killing him. Bond casually puts on his white dinner jacket, takes one look at the dead man and as he turns to leave, says but one word: "Shocking". I nearly fell off the couch.

A question for you this weekend, my dear readers, if you have time in your busy scedules.... what movie or movie series would you recommend we tackle next? Please note that I've already watched all of the Star Wars films and I refuse to subject the elderly admiral to the most recent installments.


Wandering Coyote said...

I like Timothy Dalton. Hate James Bond.

As for movie series...I'm coming up blank. I have some good mini-series to recommend, but movie series...not so much...

Captain Karen said...

I like Dalton as well (on occasion). My favourite role is definately him as Prince Barin in Flash Gordon (1980). He has to be the worst Bond ever though. Ugh.

As for mini-series, I'm up for that as well. Recommend away!

sp said...

We just watched Be Kind Rewind. I loved it and recommend it. It's an indy film with names in the cast (Danny Glover, Jack Black). It's very funny and weird.

Another recommendation would be Kinky Boots (indy Brit. film). It's a bit predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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