Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Speaking of Ross Noble... he's going to be on tour in the UK at the same time I'm over there. Who loves me? Come on, who loves me?????


Milla said...

Oh I love that guy! He has the most beautiful green eyes on the planet (enought for me, thanks).

Wandering Coyote said...

Are you going to the UK? For real? When??

Red said...

Well, bebeh, ah lovez ya, but Aberdeen? Glasgow? That's, like, FAR.

Captain Karen said...

Milla: Ah those eyes. That accent. That hair. It's quite the package. Not to mention he's hilarious.

WC: It's looking pretty good at this point.

Red: Ah but there's always Leicester, Sheffield, and Wolverhampton. However, I'm willing to change my dates for Mr. Noble. Tee hee. Actually I'm anticipating that even if I hoped to go, the possibility of getting tickets for any of his shows would be slim.

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