Fall has arrived

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Not officially. That's still a couple of days away. However, if you looked out your window here in Oil Country, you'd swear it was October already. We've had small amounts of frost, mornings where you could see your breath when you stepped outside, and the River Valley is no longer a lush green. When the calendar clicked over to September, it was as though a switch had been flicked and the leaves on the trees instantly changed colour. Bursts of vibrant colours are everywhere: deep reds, fiery oranges, and every shade of yellow imaginable. It's gorgeous. When you add the cool winds rustling the leaves almost constantly, it's easy to understand why I love this time of year so much.

Jack Layton was in town today for an NDP rally. He is the only federal leader to do so this election and from the sounds of it, chances are he's going to be the only one of them to show up. I wouldn't expect the Bloc to bother heading outside of Quebec but considering the focus on the environment, energy, and the economy this time around, you'd think Alberta would be the focal point for the other parties. Harper seems to be assuming (and probably quite accurately) that Alberta will stay blue - the province is disgustingly Conservative. I think Dion is a bit afraid to come here considering many of the gas guzzling pickup truck owners also own guns. Unfortunatley I didn't get to hear Layton speak as I only found out about it thanks to the six o'clock news... sheesh.

David Blaine is about to undertake yet another dumb stunt. This time he's going to be hanging upside down for 60 hours in Central Park. He held a press conference where doctors detailed the physical dangers he's under (swelling in the brain, bleeding into the brain, etc). Frankly I think he should be more worried about the muggers and crack dealers but that's just me.

Finally got around to watching the first Christain Bale Batman flick, Batman Begins. After recently watching the latest installment, The Dark Knight, and then re-reading Adam's great review over at Unheralded.net, I decided to bite the bat-bullet and subject myself to the horror that is Katie Holmes. The first 30-40 minutes were a bit of a snooze-fest for me but once Bruce Wayne finally donned the mask, I was hooked. A great intro, in my opinion, to the legend of the Batman. There were a few problems, mainly centred on casting - Katie Holmes as childhood friend/potential love interest Rachel Dawes. Completely wooden, little emotion. And that kiss at the end of the film? Puh-leese. There's more passion when I kiss my cat. There was absolutely no chemistry between Holmes and Bale at all. And Liam Neeson as the head of a secret society of assassins bent on destroying Gotham? Uh...I don't think so. Let's just leave it at that. A good film albeit a bit long. If they cut some of the background at the beginning out of it, it would have been a bit easier to watch. I truly wish I had seen this first - while a really good action/adventure film, it pales when compared to the Dark Knight.


Wandering Coyote said...

Frak! Blogger ate my comment!

I was saying...lovely Sept. here...coming to an end...blahx3.

Love Batman Begins. Agree re. Katie. Would watch Liam Neeson pain my house.

Let's hope this takes.

votetheday.com said...

Is it worth to risk your health just because of implementing stunt trick? Or maybe it's all fake, like many people think about Blaine and all his "magic"? Has he got a talent, or is he just desperately trying to retrieve his 15 minutes of fame? http://www.votetheday.com/polls/david-blaines-tricks-278

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