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Monday, September 22, 2008
Michael Moore will be releasing his latest movie, Slacker Uprising, on internet tomorrow - and it's absolutely FREE to anyone who wishes to download it. Shot at the time of the last election, it chronicles Moore's attempts to encourage younger people to ditch their apathy towards politics and get out there and make a difference. It's release is appropriately timed to coincide with the American presidential election (as well as our upcoming Canadian federal election). If you had doubts about whether or not you're going to vote, I recommend checking it out. I'm not suggesting you have to agree with his views or vote the way he wants you to but hopefully will encourage you slackers to just get out and vote....for anyone. You can view the trailer HERE.

Note: Unfortunately it's only available to those of us in North America (excluding Mexico). But never fear, I'm sure it will be out on DVD in your local stores soon or you can find it for free somewhere on the can find anything for free if you try...


Red said...

Oh bummer. I was looking forward to some downloading.

I don't really like the guy, but I feel you can't argue with some of the info he presents. And Sicko blew me away. Scary, scary, scary stuff.

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