Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous - Ep 14 - Adam "The Fraze" Frazier

Thursday, September 25, 2008
It's baaaaaaa-aaaack. Everyone's favourite series of weird, wacky, and off-the-wall interviews with some of the blogworld's best and brightest. First up this time around is The Fraze. Not sure if you should spend your hard earned cash on a night out at the movies or just wait for the DVD (and if so, do you go for the special edition boxed set)? He's your go-to guy. Adam's got his finger of the pulse of the entertainment industry and apparently he's BIG down under. Um...wait...I meant...oh whatever. Check out his interview below and then head on over to his fabulous blog.

1. Name, occupation, and are you currently wearing pants?
My name is Adam Frazier and I'm currently a theatre manager and a freelancer writer and film critic. I am wearing plaid shorts...

2. This series is entitled Interviews of the NOT SO Rich and Famous and yet you claim to be both. Just how rich and how famous are you?
I'm rich in the fact that I a deep passion for all things geeky. I mean, having a 3,000-piece Star Wars collection will probably come in handy some day. You saw "The 40-Year-Old" virgin... one day I'll sell my Ewok Village and buy a yacht or something. I'm famous in the sense that I've been in movies, called in to podcasts and yes - write movie reviews for Australia's biggest entertainment website. I'm huge in Australia... now if only we could do something about the US.

3. If Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel were to get into a no-holds-barred brawl, who would win and why?
Siskel. Because he ain't no bitch. Ebert shells out stars like a 2nd-grade teacher. All of his reviews should be scratch-and-sniff and say "GRAPE JOB!" on it. I imagine Siskel would actually hulk out and rip Ebert's reviewing thumbs off and then beat him to death with them. Yeah, that's the ticket. I give that brutal death 4 stars!

4.Why do superheroes wear their underwear on the outside?
Mobility and protection. C'mon Karen, any rookie to the world of super-powered crime fighting knows that underwear on the outside is the best way to pick up chicks. It enhances their super... abilities. There are some though, who just straight up wear underwear... like Robin. And we both know that guy isn't getting any action - on Friday nights the only thing he does is clean his utility belt.

5. You're a card carrying member of the (Un)Heralded gang. How did you get sucked into making movies about killer porta-potties?
Shea gets these ideas. It's a dangerous slope from there. He forgets that I'm 6 ft, 250 Lbs, and decides to make me an action hero. From there I end up swinging from ropes and diving into the infinite abyss of porta-potty hell. But, it's all great fun. Getting bloodied up and beat to death with a pipe by one of your friends is an experience that's only suited for the movies... unless you're Nancy Kerrigan, then that shit is a reality for you. :(

6. Explain your hair. (Note this is not an insult.your hair is pretty freakin' awesome)
Well, my hair is totally short at the moment - but it's insanely curly and freakishly thick, and so when I don't cut it - it just grows straight up into an afro of sorts. I kinda wish it would fall down so I could look like Hurley from Lost, but on second thought - he looks like Rolf from the Muppet Babies, so maybe that isn't a good idea.

7. In a previous interview, I asked Shea of the Dead which minor character he would choose to be in Aliens. In your case, which of the prisoners from Alien 3 would you be and why (not that I think you'll one day end up in prison.)?
Well this just sucks, Karen. If I had got the Aliens question, I would have totally said Vasquez... because she's my favorite character and so completely badass. "Hey Vasquez, You ever been mistaken for a man?" her reply "No, have you?" DAMMMMMN! But anyway, if I were a prisoner I'd be the badass black dude, Dillon. He cusses a lot, and that's something I can always enjoy. He also cusses AT the alien and fights it with his bare hands before being killed and burned by the molten lead. What a way to go...

Edit: My deepest apologies to Adam for not asking him to play one of the characters in the best movie of the Alien franchise. However, I didn't want to make it seem as though I was merely recycling questions from earlier interviews. Just be thankful, I didn't use Alien: Resurrection...

8. You seem to have quite the fascination with all things Star Wars. Is Lando Calrissian the epitome of cool or is Boba Fett the real mack-daddy in their part of the universe?
I'll say this, no one has as much swagger and infinite coolness as Billy Dee Williams - thus Lando Calrissian wins this contest. Boba Fett has some sick-nasty armor and is one of my favorite characters, but after the prequels - he's lost a lot of the mystery that made him so enthralling. I still refuse to believe he died in Return of the Jedi. Guy has a rocket pack for the Force's sake! He totally flew outta there...

9. You're a "rich and famous" reviewer for Moviehole, what some might consider a dream job. What other dreams do you have that you'd like to one day fulfill?
My actual dream is to push that a step further. I want to go to Hollywood - do set visits, interview stars and filmmakers... I want to be IN the business, ya know? And who knows, maybe my influence could make itself known to Hollywood - being a producer or writer would be amazing.As for an outlandish one, I want to go into space - I want to check out Mars and search the galaxies for life. Hopefully my dream will come true and the Star Wars universe will in fact be real, then I'll hook up with a smuggler and a wookiee and rescue a princess or two... or just hang out with some Jawas at the local cantina.

10. You've managed to convince me to watch the Christian Bale Batman films (which I highly enjoyed) thanks to your fabulous reviews. Convince me to watch the first film you ever remember seeing with a quick review.
The first movie I remember seeing? You're joking right? You had to know it was a Star Wars flick. It's Return of the Jedi. You don't need a review for that, do you? Jabba's Palace - the Max Rebo Band (the blue elphant keyboard player)... EWOKS... Darth Vader is an old white dude? Luke and Leia are brother and sister, but totally made out in Empire Strikes Back? PRINCESS LEIA IN THAT METAL BIKINI!?!?!It speaks for itself. 5 stars. Haha.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Great interview! For a Star Wars neeb, Adam is a pretty kewl guy.

Candy Minx said...

A fantastic interview. I'm completely intimidated. I love this interview and part of it is because I am crazy for STar Wars!!! I love them all...even the last three that lots of people seem not to like.

I can't wait to do my interview questions...I'm working on them, but Adam was so awesome!

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