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Sunday, September 07, 2008
Get your pencils ready, my fellow Canadians. We're heading to the polls. This should come as no surprise to anyone residing in the Great White North - it's been rumored for the past few weeks. Once again, Stephen Harper has broken his promise (ha! big shocker, I know) to call an early election and now Canadians are going to have to make a choice for the third time in the almost five years. I wouldn't mind so much if there was a feasible choice to vote for. My heart, as usual, swings towards the NDP and the Green Party but realistically neither has much of a chance of forming a government. And the Liberals? Perhaps if they hadn't chosen Stephane Dion as their leader. He's has no backbone, no drive, and no charisma. How many times has he and his party been given the opportunity to bring down Harper's conservatives in the past and he's simply bent over rolled over? I'd be much happier about another election if it was the result of someone challenging the current government rather than simply the PM's attempt to gain a majority this time around. Arrrgghhh.

This weekend has not been all bad news. On Friday, I received a delivery at work - not a surprise but a great way to finish off the short week. My World Cup qualifying match tickets arrived! So, it's official...I'm going! The Admiral and I have our little Canada flags ready for waving, we're planning our cold weather wardrobes (it'll be October in Canada, afterall), and I'm trying to teach her the finer points of what the rest of the world outside of North America calls football. So far, she's not showing that much interest - I think she's distracted by the thought of what type of beer's on tap to warm her insides... To be fair though, she did watch part of the Toronto F.C. game with me yesterday and at one point asked "What just happened? Why'd they do that?". She can be so cute sometimes.

Speaking of cold weather, the thermometer has been hovering just above zero for the past few mornings. The other day, I saw my breath when I stepped outside to head to work and I could have sworn that I saw a white flake or two falling from the sky. It's almost time to pull out the parkas and mittens. Brrrrr.

I haven't been posting nearly as often as I usually do (it's been a whole three days!) but you'll have to forgive me as I've been busy. Back to work after 5 straight days off...ah heaven. There's been running around to do, shopping, and saying goodbye to Moneypenny of course. And, as I sit here for a few spare minutes, sipping my jasmine tea, I'm going over all the things I have to do today in my head. Coronation Street is back on after being interrupted by Harper and Dion (why they can't also show Layton and Duceppe's speeches, I don't know but it's a bit frustrating), and my laundry is ... laundering? I've got an appointment right after lunch, have to head back to the library, and at some point I have to vacuum, do dishes, clean the bathroom, straighten up, and figure out what to make for dinner. If I get a free minute or two, I might actually be able to play a move in Scrabble or return one of the many e-mails awaiting my attention. Sigh. A woman's work is never done.


sp said...

I don't care if the NDP and the Green don't have a chance of forming the government, I'm going with my heart. I've always done so and I always will. If you vote it's never wasted. It always means something even that vote I once cast for the Marxist/Leninist party when I lived in Quebec (ah, my young and foolish days).

That's so exciting that you'll be going to the Canada Mexico game! Mexico now has Sven Goran Erikson managing so that should be interesting to see what he brings to their national team. I'll have to look for you and the Admiral in the crowd when it's televised.

mister anchovy said...

I wonder if the common perception of Mr. Dion, at least in English Canada, would be the same if he had a better command of English? I have no idea if he exhibits charisma when he speaks in French.

In any case, I don't want to see another Conservative government. A small minority has kept him from sliding right. I know he is presenting himself as centrist, but I don't believe it. My father used to say, "son, people are like horses. Read the racing form to find out what they've done in the past and you'll know what they'll do in the future.

scout said...

wait a minute , wait a minute - play scrabble??? have the put it online somewhere else????? or are you playing it in real life.....i'm sitting here drooling....i want scrabulous back and harper out of government!!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm trying to figure out where to place my vote to do the most amount of damage to the conservatives. Not that it matters in Calgary anyway. sigh.

Milla said...

"Speaking of cold weather, the thermometer has been hovering just above zero for the past few mornings"

This sentence made want to cry.

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