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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
...but not today. Has anyone else tried one of Blogger's newest features "Followers" or "Following". I'm a bit out of it (more on that in a later post) so forgive me if I seem a a bit confused. When they were promoting this feature it seemed like an interesting idea - you could have a list of the blogs you follow (cleverly imported from Google Reader) and you'd also be able to see who follows your blog (using this feature only). Sure, I thought, why not? I signed up this morning.

I'm deleting it this afternoon.

The feature itself on Blogger seems fine but it's done some truly bizarre things to my Google Reader. Suddenly people whose blogs I read every day have 163 new posts which I've either already read/viewed or read like jibberish and make no sense. Blogger, are you on crack? Perhaps you should be. Or maybe I need to be to understand what you did to my list. I finally figured out the whole RSS thingy and was able to use it quite well (or so I thought) and then your stupid new feature screwed everything up. I better not have to go back and re-enter all of my blog buddies once I delete this feature or I'm going to hunt down the idiot who created this Follow feature and rip their nipples off.

Anyone else care to share their experience with it?


Heather said...

Hrm. I didn't even know about this thing...and I'd have to muck about with my template and publishing settings. No, I don't think I'll be using it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I noticed that feature on my dashboard but ignored it because I was too lazy. Appears laziness is now a survival mechanism!

sp said...

I haven't tried it and now I'm thinking I won't.

Milla said...

I saw on my blogger that I had a follower, and when I clicked on the link it was a lovely lady wearing sexy glasses. A minute after the glasses weren't there anymore. Mah.

I don't follow anyone; I keep a list of blogs to click on and that's it.

Captain Karen said...

It's certainly an interesting idea but the weird stuff that happened with Google Reader (which I love!) turned me right off.

Ah Milla, you always say the sweetest things!

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