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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Portsmouth won their match this week against Middlesborough! Yay! No longer in last place!!! And, happily, Manchester Utd. lost to Liverpool. Thanks to these results, we're now ahead of Man Utd. in the standings. Yes, it's still early in the season but still. Makes a girl proud. Dr. Monkey will be thrilled that Arsenal beat Blackburn 4-0. And Everton defeated Stoke City, a team I don't think I've heard of. Congratulations to Ems. Looks like we've all done well this weekend. Next week, Arsenal faces Bolton, Portsmouth vs. Man City, and Everton takes on Hull City.

Sadly, it looks as though Canada's hopes in the World Cup qualifiers are about to be dashed. They need a bit miracle to help them advance to the next round. That means that the game I'd heading to versus Mexico in October probably will just be for show. Think of it as a practice round for Mexico as they're sure to head to the next round. Ah well. I'll have a good time regardless.


sp said...

Well done Portsmouth. Looks like Newcastle will be heading to the relegation zone if they don't start sorting their problems. Keegan walked out on the club, the fans protested the ownership and now the owner has put the club up for sale. Yikes!

Captain Karen said...

Shoot! I knew there was someone's team I forgot to mention. Forgive me? I can't believe it, especially considering how fond I am of the Geordie accent... I wasn't aware that so much was happening with the team. It doesn't sound promising does it? However, the season's only just begun and plenty of games still to be played. They'll start winning pretty soon and we'll be fighting to see which one of our two teams takes the top spot!

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