A Sad Day but New Beginnings

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Today, I said goodbye to a good friend. Although I expected to be very sad, I found myself excited and happy. You see, this particular friend (we'll call her M as in Moneypenny) is jetting off to distant lands in order to continue her studies learning all about a different distant land. I am sad that she's leaving because I'll miss her and, well, I'm selfish. But on the other hand, I'm excited for her to start her new life abroad, a fresh start away from family and friends, doing something that she's very excited about.

Moneypenny is leaving Canada on Sunday and since I have to work for the rest of the week (damn), today is really the only day we'll both have that we can get together. I booked it off weeks ago to make sure that I would definately have it off. Bright and early this morning, we met, caught a bus, and headed off to The Mall. We're two smart cookies and waited for the day when the majority of the kids in this city headed back to school so there'd be no crowds and we wouldn't have to deal with gangs of troublesome teens roaming the parking lots and dark corners. First on our to-do list...shopping. Really we only ended up going to Old Navy since we both new we could get what we wanted there. Yours truly ended up with a new t-shirt and a pair of black pants for under $50. That never happens. I think I may have a new favourite store for pants...

Shopping takes a toll on a girl, so we then headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch, my treat since Moneypenny got screwed over by other folks at her "going away" do. Bastards. It's a chain restaurant and normally I try to steer clear but I don't mind this one that much. The quality isn't great but it's a good deal, there were no crowds and the atmosphere is relaxed. Certainly nothing anywhere near authentic Italian fare but good in a pinch. Plus it was that or Hooters. Onto the next stop...

We wandered around the massive mall a bit more, looking at CDs, DVDs, considered some tattoos and piercings (we passed), popped our heads in a couple of clothing stores and then figured we'd check to see what was playing at the theatre. The Dark Knight was starting just as we arrived and, well, it involved Christian Bale in tightfitting latex so we figured why not. I haven't seen a Batman movie since the dreadful Batman and Robin fiasco. This blew all the other films about the caped crusader away. Wow. Heath Ledger was unbelievable.

By the time the film was over (coming in at almost 2 1/2 hours), it was getting late and already rush hour so we figured we'd head home. We went our seperate ways downtown - Moneypenny in one direction, the Captain in another. No tears just plenty of good wishes and happy thoughts to send her on her way. I'll miss her but I know I'll see her again. And I'm looking forward to hearing her tales of adventure abroad.


Wandering Coyote said...

Gee, you're handling this way better than I would, but I do take losses hard. Glad you had a good goodbye.

You have a Old Spaghetti Factory in E-town? Really? I thought it was a west coast thing. I wouldn't eat at the one in Victoria or Gastown for anything. But, between that and Hooters...I see your predicament!

sp said...

It's so nice that you two had a day together. Well planned.

WC the Ol' S.F. (I think) is in every town (Canada and U.S.). It's quite a large chain.

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