Uh Oh - Soccer Slip Up (aka Football Flub)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
I hang my head for not remembering that SP is a fan of Newcastle. Excuse me while I don the paper bag of shame. Unfortunately it's not good news for SP or her team at the moment as they're having a bit of trouble getting started this season, most recently with a loss to Hull City on Saturday. This Saturday they're up against West Ham United which will be tough but I have faith in them and they'll pull off a win. So...lest I look like an even BIGGER idiot...have I missed anyone else?

Portsmouth's game is on Sunday this week which means...I won't get to see it. Sporstnet hasn't announced which game they're showing on Saturday but it'll be either the Newcastle/West Ham, Blackburn/Fulham, or Liverpool/Stoke City game since they start at the right time. While I like Blackburn (they're in my top four alongside Middlesborough and Newcastle), I'd really like to see the Newcastle game. I think of the three it promises to be the most exciting.

And it looks like Toronto FC might not be the only professional club in Canada for much longer. The man who saved the Senators is hoping to bring an MLS soccer team to Ottawa for the 2011 season. Also in the running are Montreal and Vancouver. Excellent news, provided one of them actually is granted a franchise.


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