World Cup...Here I Come!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
I realize that the next World Cup is still a couple of years away (645 days...but who's counting) but the qualifying preliminary rounds are well under way. As I've mentioned before, Canada is part of the CONCACAF countries vying for a few select spots in the offical qualifying round for the world cup. Their group of four includes Jamaica, Honduras, and (eek) Mexico. They're currently sitting tied for second place with Jamaica behind Mexico - no surprise there. Edmonton is fortunate enough to be one of the Canadian locations at which a qualifying game will be played. On October 15, 7:00PM local time, Team Canada will take on Mexico at Commonwealth Stadium. And...hold onto your mizzen masts ye scurvy sea dogs...yours truly will be there. Live. In person. Yes, that's right, today I purchased a couple of tickets (the Admiral, despite knowing nothing about soccer/football, is excited to be tagging along) for the game. And I believe, just like for the fabulous Sir Tom's concert, the seats are pretty choice.

I don't attend many events at Commonwealth - (Canadian) football tickets are generally a bit too much for me and I almost never go to concerts unless they feature sweaty, hairy, Welsh senior citizens. We'll be rocking the casbah in section V which, as you can see from the seating plan below, is quite good.

And don't worry, I'm planning on plenty of pictures to share with everyone. There'll also be a quick crash course in football for the Admiral. I can't guarantee we won't pick a fight with any of the Mexican fans but the chances are unlikely. Hooligans we are not.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yay World Cup! Have a good time.

Red said...

Yay! Events are fun.

I've never been to a football match -- first it was fear of hooligans keeping me away (growing up in Italy, then moving to England, you become acutely aware of the potential danger. Did you hear about that Vespa scooter being hurled down the stands at an AC Milan match?), now it's extortionate prices. But I would like to experience the communality of it all one day.

Be sure to take loadsa pictures!

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