Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous - Ep 17 - Candy Minx

Thursday, October 02, 2008
This episode of Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous features one of our all-time favourite artists and activists, Candy Minx. A brilliant mix of sweet, saucy and sassy, Candy blogs prolifically. Through her writings she sheds light on a variety of issues: politics, art, the environment and a number of other social concerns. It was through Candy's blog that I was introduced to a number of my other favourite bloggers and for that (and her insightful musings), I give her a big "Yo go girl!". And, thatnks to her and fellow artist/blogger Mr. Anchovy, I'm finally starting to understand Art (or I think I am...).

1. Name, height, favourite paint colour.
I am 5'7" or 5'8 " depending how much sleep I get. I love purple, but as an artist I don't think it's practical to have favourite colour. Colours are like a set of the alphabet for me and they produce different feelings in a viewer and an's important to be fluent in the language of images and colour and shape.

2. Is Candy Minx your real name?
Yes. If a woman changes her name when she gets married everybody considers that her real name. They don't forget to call her her name or act like it is weird. So...if a woman changes her name for her man it is accepted as her real name. If we have a name we believe is our spiritual name...people are not easily open minded to accepting such a name. My name came from a novel on my parents bookshelf called "Candy" by Terry Southern. And my last name is from the Hillman Minx, the first car my father ever owned. I consider any previous monikers or names to be slave names and I reject them. There is a long tradition in rejecting government names or slaves names and taking on a spiritual name found through vision quest or meditation.

Edit: That is an awesome answer. You go girl!

3. How DO they get the caramel inside of a Caramilk bar?
A grid is laid out with chocolate, then Lucy Carmichael fills it with a teaspoon of caramel and then a flat grid of chocolate is laid on top of that.

4. Despite being a Canadian, you spent a great deal of time in the US of A. What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed between “us and them”?
Canadians don't seem to take as much medication as Americans. The relationship to doctors and healthcare is very different. The red tape for any medical procedure is embarrassing in the States:it's like the Keystone Cops are running the systems. I haven't taken an antibiotic since I was 17...and that is when I learned they were not good for you. But in the States...if someone even has a scratch they get a prescription. A cold, they get a prescription for antibiotics it seems. It's completely a money making shell game. You'd have to tie me down to make me do a procedure or take a the States it seems people think their health is a conversational option. The more people talk about their health the more older by the minute they seem.

5. What is art?
Art is blogging. Some bloggers are able to communicate to lots of people and able to use the html and various options to great advantage and share feelings. Art is just like that. It is a form of thinking and feeling and sharing.

Edit: Wait...that means...I'm an artist??? Cool and the gang. I think I'm finally "getting it".

6. You’re throwing a dinner party fit for the gods. Which five do you invite and what’s on the menu?
Gods right? Not famous people right? Okay, Shakti, Ishtar, Isis, Mary Magdalene, and Athena. .Salmon, berries, champagne, broccoli, buffalo, cream, ,coffee, maple syrup, yogurt, cheeses, salad, french onion soup. (if it was just famous people I would have these five: Lucrezia Borgia, Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Giordano Bruno, and Frances Yates.)

7. Tell us the truth, how do you REALLY feel about corn?
When I first went to visit Stagg I went through his cupboards. The stereotype is bachelors aren't knowledgeable of food or decor...well...every item of food in his cupboards had sugar and/or corn syrup. It was outrageous! I don't like eating a lot of starch, but I eat a bit once a week. I prefer delicious food. Corn is okay once every couple of months with Mexican food. The thing is...we put corn into everything and it takes up too much precious habitat for animals. Trust me, I know how annoying my food opinions are...just imagine how poor Stagg feels heh heh. Actually, thank god he likes my cooking!

8. Favourite artist in any medium. How would you describe their style to someone like me who just doesn’t “get” art?
I don't have a favourite artist. I want to try to force a favourite on myself in order to answer your question...but I can't...because that is the opposite of what is so fun about art. I could talk about several art works with you in a specific interview if you would like...but well, that would take a lot of time. For people who tell me they don't get art...I shall share with you what I am hearing. I am hearing someone who is afraid of feeling they might be punked or laughed is not a tool for making people feel low self-esteem. And many people say they "don't get art"...the mystery is actually the opposite. We all get's that somewhere in our childhood someone has smashed our self confidence with reading the language and emotions of art. There isn't some big conspiracy among artists and art galleries to hide information. No, art is a primordial language we all speak and feel.My best answer to this question is to go and get a few books from the library as a start. Get John Bergers "Ways of Seeing", Simon Shama's "Power of Art" (which may also be available on dvd rentals), a book called "Pop Surrealism:The Rise of Underground Art" and "Sister Wendy's Story of Painting"...and spend the weekend or entire week reading and looking through the pictures.I suggest pretending that one of the hottest guys you've seen in the know, someone at a local coffee shop, or tattoo parlour, or on the an artist. Pretend you want to understand this hot looking fabulously dressed guy and go to one of his art openings. That kind of motivation might help you to feel you want to be open minded.As you read, get a notebook and write down questions, write down art work you did feel at least curious about...maybe even "liked" but didn't know why. Then you and I can discuss these notes if you feel like it.You is about being open minded...and taking a journey someone else is driving the vehicle.And...I'm going to tell you a little secret. Being open minded to super sexy and will change your life.

Edit: Loved Schama's Power of Art series. His A History of Britain was what sealed it for me. And I now have a wicked brain crush on him and his nerdiness... Apparently he's working on a four part series for the BBC/PBS: The American Future: A History. Thanks for answering this and the other "art" related questions Candy. You and Mr. Anchovy have been most patient while I pester you both with questions about modern art.

9. You’re granted the ability to travel back in time and have dinner with anyone in history. Who would it be and why, and how badly did they smell?
William Shakespeare. I think it's obvious why, but I would love to ask him so many questions about Why the number three in his play "Antony and Cleopatra"? How well did he know Giordano Bruno? Was he secretly Catholic in a terrorist state of Protestants like we now believe? What was the significance of his love sonnets to his secret lady? Was it a love triangle? Was he a Elizabethan Occultist? He would smell gorgeous. I just know it, because he made a lot of jokes about such things so he was well aware of hygiene.

10. You’re a regular participant in Thursday Thirteens. That’s a bit too long of a list for our purposes so tell us three strange but funny things about yourself.
My little finger stopped growing when I was ten. I have broken a couple of fingers and each time I had to go to emergency to have them set...tons of doctors came to check out my freakishly small baby fingers. I broke fingers playing Dodge Ball and riding horses.

Edit: Ewwwwwwww.


scout said...

wonderful.....wonderful questions and wonderful answers!!!

tweetey30 said...

Candy and Karen those are great. I have to admit I dont know if I could have something as honest as these answers.

Gardenia said...

Ah - "different" baby fingers are definitely a sign of some sort of "specialness" I am convinced. Grandson was born with bowed ones - and he has a great start as a violinist..soooooo

Ouch - about illnesses - maybe its because we are worked to death here in the states? Other countries seem to be less intense than us - except maybe Japan.

Anyway, Candy Minx, what a special person you are - - -

Karen - what a wonderful idea you have with these interviews - this is really a great one! Thanks!

mister anchovy said...

Great interview. You know, I've known Candy for something like 25 years, and I managed to learn a couple things reading this.

Candy, I love your comments here about enjoying art!. Karen, this interview reminded me about another book about looking at art I've read several times over the years, which I'd like to recommend. It's called The Shape of Content and it's based on some lecture by the late Ben Shahn. I think it is still readily available - a fantastic read, by a very interesting artist.

* (asterisk) said...

What a rad double act! Thanks gals.

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