Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous - Ep 19 - Scout

Monday, October 13, 2008
How can you not love a person who regularly blasts politicians - regardless of party affiliation or nationality. Never afraid to speak her mind, Scout joins us for our next installment of Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous. As usual, she doesn't disappoint. She's witty and sarcastic (ah how we love that in our guests!), and her blogging will definately get you thinking. Check out her interview below and then head on over to her blog!

1.Name, favourite colour, grannies or thongs.
Scout Vagabond. Wednesday Jones, Vendredi la Merde. My Cree name is Wasye, which means 'the light' be it, but could someone help me find the switch to turn it on now and then...please. Grannies or way, neither! We used to call granny underpants 'elephant gaunch'. i love a cotton bikini...that's it, nothing else. Oh, when I first got out of high school (i only got out, i never graduated), i chambermaided in a senior's home. my friend was loved by the elders and they were always gifting her. The one and only thing i ever got was an old lady gave me an old pair of her elephant gaunch. It's like i'm gaunch cursed or something because i'm always losing fave pairs. i have a friend in hawaii named Faith and we love to talk about gaunch. Gaunch is an excellent subject so i better just shut up to shorten this.Fave colour. hmm. this changes all the time. Lately it's been combining red, white and black but for about five years it was wearing blues and greens. Maybe I should just say I like the rainbow (in more ways then one). I finally made 'friends' with orange...this took forever, it would have me aghast sometimes. I'm sure there's some Freudian meaning , hmm, what would a Freudian orange slip be? Saying something you think you don't mean but you really channelled Anita Bryant (heaven forbid!!!!). fave colour always seems dictated by what colours I chose to wear.

2. A regular feature of your blog is "Famous Stupid People". What person or event made you decide to start this contest?
George Bush and all his crusty cronies.

3. Who is the most famous "stupid person" out there?
I think they are a collective...there's not just one. They should invent a vaccine for the stupidity pox. We could be yelling, 'throw out your dumb' as though it were a plague.

4. Who is the stupidest "famous person" out there? Or are they the same thing?
see answer #3.

5. Four words: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
I want to barf.

6. You are being forced to listen to the same song over and over for eternity as a form of torture. What does this particular brand of hell sound like?
ABBA with Celine Dion as guest star singing rap. It would sound like a broken blender trying to grind syrup with manure with some styrofoam and someone scratching their nails on a blackboard (do they still have blackboards?). my ears would bleed and that would not be pretty.

7. Four more words: Prime Minister Stephane Dion
OH not that wimp!!!!

8. Speaking of politics, if pro and con are opposites, wouldn't the opposite of progress be congress?
Yes, if you are thinking of Nancy Pelosi and the HUGE dissapointment and disgrace to her gender that she is.

9. If you knew there was a good chance he wouldn't survive and the world would be free of Mr. Sweater Vest for good, what extreme sport would you force him to take part in and how would he meet his end?
Naked snow boarding and he would literally meet his end...his arse that is, and his big pinocchio lying nose would be embedded in his sphincter. Then he'd sufficate.

10. If you became Prime Minister, what would be your first plan of action and what sort of free stuff would I get out of the deal?
I'd recognize native sovereignty and give out free bannock to all...we can never move forward in a proper way unless we correct the past. Bannock is kind of like a combo of traditional foods with settler food so it would act as a bridge to get used to the fact that we are all living on first nation's territory ....because it's a bread it would be like breaking the bread together in honour of what really amounts to the renegotiation of contracts on a nation to nation level. That's about what it amounts to save for we'd be following mother clan ways and it would empower ALL women and get this patriarchy shit out of the way.oh ya, the religious freaks would be getting their symbolism too. Wait, Jesus just called me on my cell and said to scratch that last line...but i don't think i will because he played a rotten practical joke on me last week so i'm not going to listen. besides, he's younger then me and it's about time he started respecting his elders. maybe he's been resting with a wooly mammoth or two. ach, i shouldn't be so hard on him because he lent me his socket wrench and that helped me repair my car. Really, he's a good guy if you can get past that borsht belt humour of his.

(Note: picture courtesy of Harper Valley)


Wandering Coyote said...

Go Scout! LOVE this interview! It's my fave so far!

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