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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wish I were on a plane right now. Flying away to places unknown far far away from elections, work, and all the rest of it. Arrrggghhhh. I’m tired. So tired. My back hurts. I’m doing the jobs of two full time employees with no relief in sight, no back-up in case I get sick or, like this upcoming Monday, get a day off. That means on top of the rest I’m training someone who seems as they couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what I’m telling them to cover for me for one day and, should I get a spare moment, I then have to spend time getting trained to cover for someone else so that I can cover for yet another person for a day or two next month. God, life is good isn’t it? Well, it would be if I was pulling in the paycheque of two fulltime employees but…alas…I am not. I guess that means life sucks.

The election has come and gone without much fanfare. The whole country, I think, knew what was going to happen – another minority Conservative government. God, life DOES suck. Here’s a few highlights for everyone:

- roughly 60% of Canadians voted in this election. Terrible showing. Many people claimed mixups at the polling stations, not receiving their cards in the mail, polling stations being moved, etc. I have no sympathy for any of you. Ok, some of you. Those of you who decided to wait until THE DAY OF the election to check the Elections Canada website to find out what to do and/or where to go and then get steamed because the website crashes? Bite me. You shouldn’t be allowed to vote if you’re seriously that stupid. Yes, I’m annoyed and bitchy, deal with it. Some guy on the radio just claimed he didn’t vote because he “had to jump through too many hoops”. Whatever.

- Only 1 in 2 Albertans voted. I’m ashamed that I live in this province. I’m also ashamed that the Prime Minister of Canada is from Alberta. Don’t worry, I’m not a Dixie Chick so I don’t need to be concerned that my record sales will slump. Local news coverage this morning interviewed a number of Edmontonians who didn’t vote and their excuses were pathetic. Too busy? They have advance polls, mail-in votes, and the polls are open 12 hours (7:30 – 7:30). Shut up with your excuses, thank you.

- The Green Party garnered 6% of the national vote and yet didn’t win a single seat. This makes me sad – I would have loved to see Elizabeth May in the House given the other leaders and the government a stern talking to. There were two independent candidates elected however.

- Alberta DID NOT turn out to be completely Tory Blue. Thank god. Unfortunately the lone NDP candidate elected, while in Edmonton, was not from my riding. Congratulations though to Linda Duncan, the Strathcona NDP candidate and new MP. Rock on, sista.

- This joke of an election cost a whopping $300 million. Hmmm. Since nothing really changed except Dion managed to LOSE a number of seats for the Liberals, I wonder how taxpayers are going to feel in a few days? Just think of what that money COULD have been spent on…education, health care, the environment… the mind turns to mush when you consider the wasteful spending this has resulted in.

- The NDP had the second highest percentage of the popular vote in Alberta behind the Tories (naturally). Alberta would rather vote New Democrat than Liberal. Or perhaps it’s a preference of Layton over Dion. Yep, that’s more believable. Heck, in some ridings the Green Party was more popular in redneck Alberta than the Liberals. That’s truly stunning…

After three federal elections in the past four years (plus a civic election and a provincial one), I’m balloted out. Please please please, vote me off the island. I’m done. If there was ever an argument for fixed election dates, I think the past few years with the Harper minority and a ineffectual (read: limp-dicked) Liberal leader is it. I think voters would be far happier as well, there wouldn’t be so much needless wasting of money, and we wouldn’t be a country full of apathetic potential voters. Arrrrrggggh. I'd wager money on going back to the polls within 18 or 19 months...

The one ray of sunshine on this otherwise bleak, post-election day? It’s soccer night in Canada. Amen and hallelujah.


Wandering Coyote said...

I have an election hang-over. I'm going to have to drink tonight.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I share your despair. Imagine how I feel, having Jason Kenney in my riding. I'll bet you feel slightly better in comparison now, don't you?

mister anchovy said...

Toronto is still Liberal dominated, but outside the city, the Tories improved their lot. In my riding, Michael Ignatieff, the incumbent, retained his seat.

nwtrunner said...


Despair not - it's just a glitch

A terrible sweater-wearing glitch


I agree with you

Heather said...

Hrm - I'd put my money on another election in sixteen months.

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