My Fellow Canadians...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I don't care who you vote for (well, I do but...), just VOTE please.
Remember, many people in the world don't get a chance to decide their future. You do.


Tanya Espanya said...

We did an early vote last week because we knew we were going to be away today (we're in Montreal).

Yay! Voted!

Milla said...

Great post!
I agree with you: so many people do not have this chance to express their opinion; it's our DUTY to vote.
I always do; I get sent the paperwork from the Italian Consulate; and those bastards use beautiful paper and thick envelopes, very expensive!

Gardenia said...

Soon it will all be over for all of us (the elections) - thankfully. Its been almost torture, day after day after day. As I told Coyote our news here is very egocentric and we never hear anything about our neighbors - i.e., one being Canada!

nwtrunner said...

Well, the day after and it looks pretty much like it did when Sweater Stevie called the election. Our NDP incumbent in Western Arctic got back in and that's made me happy - I voted for him before heading off to Victoria to run the marathon there this past weekend. And Sweater Stevie got shut out from my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Best thing about this election was that it was over quickly, unlike what's going on and on and on and on to the south of us!

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