My vote may have just changed...

Saturday, October 04, 2008
Thanks to Wandering Coyote for the updates she provides us with on the polls of the various candidates in her riding. I finally decided to see what's happening in my riding here in E-town. And now that I've seen just how close it is....I might be changing how I originally intended to vote.

My riding, in the past, had been held by Anne McClellan - former deputy PM and cabinet minister. I've never been a big fan of hers, she seemed to spend more time worrying about her position in Ottawa and not having enough to devote to her constituents but maybe that's just me. In the last election she narrowly lost to the Tory candidate, Laurie Hawn - a man I have heard neither hide nor hair from since he got elected.

As y'all know, I've been planning on voting NDP. Given that there are just over 1000 votes separating the Liberal and Conservative candidates, I'll have to do some serious rethinking. It's apparent (if these and other polls are anything to go on) that neither the Green candidate (David James Parker) nor the NDP candidate (Donna Martyn) have a serious chance of winning this riding. That's a shame. However, there is a very definate possibility that the Liberal candidate, Jim Wachowich, could unseat Hawn and keep the entire province of Alberta from once again turning a horrible, just-been-strangled shade of blue.

Frankly, I'm completely torn. Normally I wouldn't be swayed to vote "strategically" but given the likelihood that it could actually payoff in my riding...? I don't know what to do. Still a week and a half until election day so plenty of time to decide. The big thing keeping me from jumping on the "vote liberal" bandwagon...the thought of Stephane Dion as Prime Minister. Oh lordy.


mister anchovy said...

I have never previously considered voting strategically, but now I think it in some ridings it is the best thing to do.

As well, I my impression of Mr. Dion has also changed. True, he does not come across as a charismatic leader, but I'm OK with that. The Tory ads keep saying "no worth the risk", but I think his policies are sound and thoughtful. He handled himself just fine in the English language debate. The risk is a Tory majority.

Heather said...

I don't like Dion at all - he's too smug for me.

sp said...

I like Dion. It's the party he's associated with that I'm suspicious of.

Sometimes on the long bus ride home from the SkyTrain I see all the election signs and think "vote strategic, vote strategic", but then something inevitably changes my mind. I sent a question to all the candidates in my riding and so far have received one response and it was from our Green Party member. I'll give the others a couple of days before I give up on them though.

Candy Minx said...

Oh this is so frustrating when it feels like voting strategically is the only way to's as if it's not a vote.

I don't know what you should do. Does voting strategically really work? How does it effect the neighbourhood.

I have one small for the Liberal representative...but tell them how you have voted. Write them and tell them you are going to vote strategically and will they then if with representing you via the NDP?

Thats my suggestion...

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