'Tis Thanksgiving

Monday, October 13, 2008
Today is officially the day we're supposed to give thanks ... for something. I believe, unlike our American cousins, we're supposed to be thankful for the harvest (our fall comes a bit earlier than those down south) rather than some nonsense about pilgrims and all the happy happy joy joy feelings we're told were shared between them and the people they encountered when they arrived on the shores of New England. I think our reason is better. Last night the extended family gathered at Big Brother's for a giant turkey dinner. And I mean that literally - the turkey was indeed a giant. We stuffed ourselves with poultry, gravy, mashed potatoes (with the skins on), brussels sprouts, dressing, salad, buns, roasted parsnips and carrots, wild rice and my homemade cranberry sauce. Mere moments after clearing the table we bellied up to the trough once again and topped everything else with a slice of pie - a choice of apple, pumpkin or strawberry-rhubarb. Mmmmmm. I doubt I'll eat for the rest of the week...ugh.

As you may have noticed from the top of my blog, I'm leaving the country in just over 5 months. Yee haw for me. I'm heading off to England for a much deserved vacation and a chance to have a few MiRL's with some of my fellow bloggers. True to my capricorn nature, I've got just about everything planned already: where I'm going to be and when, what I'm hoping to see, etc. Heck, the only thing I don't have planned out is what I'll have for breakfast each day (although a couple of fry ups are definately in order) or when I'll need to use the bathroom.

While this weekend has been filled with a number of exciting and fun-filled moments (booking my ticket, getting together with family, etc), I'm feeling just a bit blue. Nothing major but everywhere I look, I seem to be surrounded by folks in love - on the bus, walking through the mall, even at dinner with the family (evil brother in law and his latest squeeze). And then, while checking my Google Reader, I discovered a couple of my blog pals got hitched!!!! Congrats to them but... Methinks I'm in need of a good cuddle. Any takers?

Election day is tomorrow. I was seriously considering strategic voting to oust the local PC incombant and trying to get the Liberal candidate installed. However, the closer we get to voting day, I just can't imagine doing it. Deep in my heart of political heart, I'm going to go NDP as originally planned. In my riding it won't make a difference but I'll feel better knowing I voted the way I truly feel. Few, that's a weight off my shoulders.

The busy week continues on Wednesday when the Admiral and I head off to Commonwealth Stadium to watch Canada take on Mexico in a World Cup qualifier. I think it's safe to say after this weekend's match, Canada hasn't a hope in hell to advance this time around. We're in last place in our group and only two games to go. Not going to happen but it'll be fun to watch regardless. Stay tuned for pictures, likely a alcoholic bevvy (or two in the Admiral's case) and possibly some post-match slightly tipsy blogging.


harpervalley said...

right on....i threw my vote to layton too. lesser of evils by far. i wish the greens hadn't of been hijacked by the conservatives (elizabeth may) and in my riding a lib who was involved with scandal and dropped by the libs went green. hmmm.

Heather said...

Oh, heavens - yes, everybody is either hooked up, shacked up, or knocked up.

Don't worry. You can come live with me and a hundred cats when we're little old ladies.

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