Where Does All the Money Go?

Monday, October 20, 2008
Right out of my bank account apparently. In the past month, I've spent more money than I care to mention on my airfare and hotel. And today, I just added to the ever increasing volume of cash slowly circling the drain.

Off work today, I ventured out to give the Admiral some uninterrupted snooze time and ended up at the travel agent's. Since I had the money, I figured I might as well get as many things out of the way in advance as possible. So, I ordered my Heathrow Express ticket so I can get myself and my luggage into the city. I also ordered an Oyster Card in order to ride the tube and the buses while in London. Whew. That's all my transportation taken care of (the Admiral has already offered to pay for the shuttle to the airport and paying for a cab to bring me home upon my return...aren't mothers wonderful?). Basically everything from here on out is spending money (food, souvenirs, attractions, etc). Easy peasy. I hope.

The other big expense today was insurance. My group plan through work recently changed and the one thing I noticed that they removed ... travel insurance. Damn. Oh well, best to purchase some and be safe. Now if my luggage goes awol, I suddenly contract Avian flu, or the aircraft's landing gear falls off and I impale an eyeball on the pen I'm using for my crosswords and the other on the straw for my soda, I'm all set. The last trip I took, a mere 18 years ago, I don't remember purchasing travel insurance. But at the time my best friend, Jody the Non Blogger, and I were just 18, fresh out of school, and excited to be jetting off to exotic Disneyland without our parents. Who thinks about such things? Well, now that I'm in my mid-30s, I've heard plenty of horror stories from fellow travellers, I've worked in the insurance business, and took a year of schooling to train to be a travel agent - enough to know that I shouldn't travel without it.

And of course, I've worked myself into quite a state now, thinking about all the things that could possible go wrong on this trip. Just you wait....my trip will turn into a real-life version of Lost. The only difference being we'll wash up on the shores of Greenland in the middle of winter rather than a south Pacific island in summer.

Any travel-related horror stories you'd care to share?


Wandering Coyote said...

I've never had any real travel horror stories - other than being trapped in Castlegar airport on my way to Test the Nation in January. That was a little nerve-wracking.

It's always good to get travel insurance, I think. I've never travelled with it, but I was young too then, and would probably get some now knowing my luck.

I'm sure there are hot men in Greenland! (There must be somewhere on this planet, right? RIGHT?)

tweetey30 said...

I have never been on an airplane and my fear is it having to crash land in the ocean.. Yikes... I am deathly afraid of heights also..

Red said...

I also used to travel w/o travel insurance until... well, probably the first time I went to the USA. After that, it seemed like tempting fate to go anywhere without it.

Touch wood, I've never had to make a claim, but I suspect that if I did, there would be some crappy loophole that prevents the insurance company from paying up. After all, isn't that how insurance works?

Having said that, my pet insurance is extraordinary. I've made a couple of claims, and they have always been really good about it.

sp said...

You are one organized Captain.

I always seem to forget to buy travel insurance. Not a great excuse and thank goodness I've been lucky. The last time I bought travel insurance I was much younger and travelling through the U.S. and Mexico. I guess I was wiser in my youth.

Milla said...

I used to always travel without insurance. Then when I went to Miami aged 23 I bought it, thinking 'ah, I won't need it, but just in case...' and thank the gods I had it! I was terribly ill, with all the expenses you can imagine. back in the UK the insurance returned me the money I had spent for medicines, doctors, the new flight back, the missed flight to NY, everything.
After that experience I have always travelled with insurance -and have never had to claim again! Thank the gods for that also :)

We don't have pet insurance though, unlike Red. So far, so Pisko.

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