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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
I'm not embarassed to admit it brought a tear or two to my eye....


nwtrunner said...

Yep - it was an awesome evening and capped with Obama's speech. Seeing the people in the crowd in Chicago was absolutely amazing - such a total mixture of folk. Was a wee bit of a contrast to the people at the Republican "party" in Arizona. But, McCain gave a very nice speech too and said what had to be said. And he didn't let Gov. Palin speak, which was likely a good move too.

I was much more emotional watching last night's results than a month ago watching our own here in Canada - that's a sad, sad thing to say.

Of course, our election changed absolutely nothing. I think that Mr. Obama's changed not just the USofA, but folk around the world were watching very, very closely.

Gonna be very hard for him to live up to the expectations, but he also doesn't have very big boots to fill in the job...

Gardenia said...

Awesome. It's an exciting time we are in. I had volunteered at the campaign headquarters here, then later realized that I had an important part in this historic event and was way too pleased with myself......we are in exciting times.

LOL, I agree with nwtrunner - McCain spoke sincere words but I know the Repub trick of being nice yourself and sending other people to do the murderous work - and yes, good thing they didn't let the "school marm" speak. She can go back to her shooting animals from planes or whatever now.

Milla said...

I've watched this on the news channels at home about 5 times now!

Can I add that McCain's speach was very gracious? I listened to it and I think he did very well.

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