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Friday, November 28, 2008
I came home from work last night to the fantastic news that the Eskimo's idiot head coach is no more. Yippee! He'll be moving to the team office and leaving the coaching of the team to someone else who will likely be far better at it then he has been. The few successes he's had? Flukes. Plain and simple.

The Globe and Mail had a great review of a French film that I'm now dying to see, Le Tueur (The Killer). I'm on the hunt for a copy and will review if I can get my hands on one. Sounds great. Once again, I have to express how much I enjoy non-Hollywood films. British, French, German, Korean...it seems as though everyone else is much more original than our own filmmakers (with the exception of a few fellow bloggers who came up with the ingenious idea of a killer porto-potty...you know who you are).

I've also been on the hunt for a copy of a Korean film, Shi Gan (Time), with English subtitles. It's about a woman who, concerned that her lover will tire of her and her looks, goes through extensive plastic surgery. While not as actiony and exciting as some other recent Korean flicks (Old Boy, The Host), it sounds far more interesting than anything else recently released around here.


nwtrunner said...


I share your joy with Danny gone from coaching (but not from team, alas) - who you hoping for?

As long as it's NOT Don Mathews - I think we'll see a good change in team next year looking at the 'short lists' that I've seen so far. In Ricky we trust :-)

Good to hear they signed Kamau to a long-term deal.

Am thinking of booking flights, etc for McMahon Stadium for 2009 Grey Cup. Have only been to one - that at Commonwealth when Montreal beat us at home. Much fun was had!

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