Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous - Ep 21 - SP

Saturday, November 01, 2008
This is the final episode in our interview series. It's been a blast getting to know the weird, wild, and wacky side of some of my fellow bloggers. I apologize to any of you that I've missed but it's becoming more difficult to come up with the oddest of questions with which to pick your brains so I hope you'll forgive me. Stay tuned though, I have a few ideas about possible future items that could involve you.

Our guest for this closing episode is SP (or more correctly, sp), a blogger whom I believe I met through Wandering Coyote one of my first blog buddies. A vegan, a runner, a gardener, and (surprise!) a fellow cat owner, sp is smart and funny, and from the looks of the pictures on her blog, a great cook! Mmmmmm. Enjoy!

1. Name, short sleeves or long, favourite vegan dish.
sp, the longer the better, db’s Bolognese sauce on any pasta.

2. You've been asked to write your own veggie cookbook. What's the title?
The Mad Cow Diet. Naw I’m just kidding. I’d call it Veganize Me! Since I spend much time veganizing recipes and often discover something new along the way and it's a reference to Supersize me. (There actually may be a movie out by this name so I hope it doesn't confuse the buyers of my cookbook.)

3. Name two things Gigi Buffon, the wonder cat, has in common with her namesake.
She’s black and white like the colours for Juventus. She’s a bit of a show off and likes the spotlight. She's got a long reach and is a great jumper. She’s a buffoon and looks kind of goofy sometimes (have you seen Gianluigi in the hat and glasses? Very goofy).

4. Jolly ranchers are neither jolly nor ranchers. Discuss.
It seems like a conspiracy, Captain. This is another attempt of the Hershey company to mask the dark world of candy and glorify the beef industry. I know hard to believe. Naming a tooth-cracking candy “jolly ranchers” is simply a disguise for what it really is going on. Corn syrup? F&D colours red, blue and yellow? There’s nothing jolly about that kids. As for the rancher, once again Hershey is attempting to blind us with the idea of the romantic rancher lifestyle (although there’s nothing romantic about it really) as something tasty. It is not. Cattle? Cattling cattle? They’re going to the slaughterhouse at some point. C’mon Hershey’s we’re not going to buy it.

5. You must relieve one year of your life based solely on the fashion and music in vogue at the time. What year would it be?
1983. Girls Just Want to Have Fun! Jelly shoes and bangles on my wrists!

6. Hey footie fan! How did you become a Geordie fan and what advice can you give the team to turn their slow start around this season?
That’s very kind of you to say “slow start.” What a start! It's been painful at times. I started watching English soccer (I’d been an Italian soccer fan before that) when I lived in Victoria and got TSNs “Soccer Saturday”. Victoria has all the colonial trappings with its double-decker buses, afternoon teas, fish and chips shops with the union flag on their signs. Then there's the Empress Hotel, pubs on every corner with names like the Sticky Wicket. It was inevitable that I would turn to English soccer. I worked with a chef from Newcastle and we started talking about the games. I already knew that I didn’t like Man (P)U and started rooting for Newcastle since they were Man U’s main rival at the time. Ah those were the King Kev days. Since then it’s been a bumpy ride. My advice? Find an owner. Find some solid defenders. How about a coach that will stick around for more than 3 games?

7. Vegan "Mofo"? Shut yer mouth.
That’s right VeganMofo. Mo(nth) of Fo(od). What else could it possibly mean?

8. The earth passes through the tail of a comet and you wake up the next morning to discover the world has been taken over by giant mutant mushrooms. Which type would be their ruler and why?
The Omphalotus olivascens (also know as the Western Jack O’Lantern Mushroom) would rule because it looks impressive in the dark (it glows). And we would bow down before it as it causes “profuse sweating, salivating, tears and severe vomiting" and other things that pepto bismal would be unable to resolve. But then with the aid of those rebellious psychodelics the Psilocybes we would revolt against the tyranny of the Western Jack and another ruler would rise from the rotting wood and from beneath the earth in its defeat: the T. melanosporum (the Black Truffle of course). The mystique would be unveiled and we would all have access to truffles. It wouldn’t just be for the elite anymore.

9. If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you use?
Simply Natural Goddess Dressing.

Edit: Is this the famous "Annie's Goddess Dressing" that every one, vegan and non-vegan alike, seem to talk about or this brand which I believe I've seen at Planet Organic?

10. In the past few years we've encountered such wonders as Avian Flu and Mad Cow Disease...why wouldn't we want to eat meat when there's the possibility of contracting one these?
Don’t forget the wonderful Lysteria or Salmonella. E. coli anyone? Everyone wants to be part of the in crowd don’t they? And contracting one of these media catching diseases is tempting. However, once you get over the longing to be part of the popular trend of contracting Avian flu or SARS (civet cats wasn’t it?) and realize that you’re eating someone else’s flesh I think the gag factor might set in. Carnivores out there think about it. Humans are far more common and abundant so why not eat them? I’ve always sympathized with the zombie crowd for finding their true nature and being omnivores they just prefer the flesh of their flesh and blood.

Thanks to everyone who's taken part and been such great sports! And thanks to all of you for reading our wacky interviews!


Wandering Coyote said...

Another excellent interview. Great series, Karen.

I particularly loved the mushroom question and response - hilarious!

mister anchovy said...

thanks for a fun series!

SME said...

I want to change one of my interview answers, 'cause I am now officially rooting for the Jolly Rancher conspiracy! ;D

Thanks for such a fun and informative series, Cap'n.

sp said...

Captain: It's the second of the dressings. The Annie's is okay, but the Simply Natural is divine.

sp said...

The interviews were a great read. Thanks Captain.

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