I've taken care of my "little problem"...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
... and so quickly, Tony Soprano would be impressed.

I'm going to attempt to make the "Lucky Clover" sweater featured in one of the Stitch and Bitch books. Found this lovely picture of a finished version by another knitter on Flickr. Doesn't it look lovely? Not sure what colour I'll be attempting just yet, it'll depend on what sort of selection they've got at my favourite yarn store. It'll also depend, naturally, on whether or not the pattern comes in my size. I'm going to pick up the book from the library later this week and will find out. The Stitch and Bitch patterns seem to be fairly easy and uncomplicated so I'm guessing I should be able to muddle through. I also noticed a similar sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple with longer sleeves and non-lacey. If the S&B pattern doesn't come in my size, the other one does. I figure this should keep me busy through the winter holidays and perhaps I'll have it finished in time for my trip abroad.

And, if this is a success, I might try and make another one for the Admiral although she wasn't sure she'd wear it. Sigh... Regardless, I'm going to give this a go probably starting next month so colour suggestions are welcome. Remember, I'm a red head with pale skin and freckles. Keep that in mind before you suggest something hideous like pink. Badda boom, badda bing, I'm outtaheeeer.


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