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Saturday, November 15, 2008
First off, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Heather who turned 31 today. Welcome to the oldtimers' club!

Where to begin? Did some shopping yesterday. Yes, I bit the bullet and hit the mall after work yesterday. Found myself a spring/fall coat which will be perfect for the next couple of weeks until the temperature really drops and just right for when I head to England. And it was on sale! Thank you Northern Reflections! Whew! One thing to cross off my list. Then I finished picking up the last couple of items (two movies) for the Admiral's gift and a present for the niece and nephew. We decided to go with a game this year rather than buying them each seperate gifts. Plus they don't need more toys, more books, more junk. One present is plenty. Plus they donated some of their artwork to my office earlier this year and they rewarded the with a couple of A&W gift cards and a beautiful certificates for each of them to hang on their walls. Niece and nephew - done. I've decided to NOT take part in the secret santa gift exchange at the office this year. I don't need another cheap tacky piece of useless crap to add to the collection and I'd rather use that $10 or 15 and put it towards a charity. So, that just leaves the family gift exchange and a generic gift. What on earth do I get??? Please, help me out with some suggestions?????

It was the CFL division finals today. Edmonton, thanks to a bizarre rule, ended up making the playoffs but in the EASTERN division. Please don't ask, I wouldn't be able to explain it. I had high hopes for the team despite their annoyingly arrogant, should have been fired 2 years ago, coach. Unfortunately they lost to Montreal and are out. Just waiting to see if, fingers crossed, Calgary will end up in the Grey Cup as well. Please please please...

Do they not teach grocery store employees how to bag groceries anymore? I remember when my brother started his first job as a clerk in our military supermarket, they made a point of showing him how to do it: heavy stuff on bottom (cans, boxes, etc), with eggs, bread and produce on top. Make sure the delicate stuff doesn't get squished. While it wasn't part of my training when I worked as a cashier, it just seemed to me that it was common sense. Yes, that dreaded word "common sense" - we all should have it but most seemed to have stepped out of line to have a smoke when they were passing it out. The Admiral was sleeping in today so I headed to the store by myself this morning. Rather than our usual location, I headed to one in the opposite direction which meant, thankfully, only one bus. I didn't have a lot of items but there were definately two categories: fresh produce/baked goods and cans/boxes. It wasn't until I got to the bus stop to come home that I realized the disinterested teenager behind the register didn't have the first clue how to pack a bag of groceries. She had put my fresh tomatoes and peppers on the bottom of the bag and then piled a bunch of stuff on top of it. Good god people. Think about it! Customer service no longer exists. How do I know? Well on top of the lack of packing skills, not one employee (including the cashier) acknowledged my presence in the store, I wasn't told how much I owed for my items, and I wasn't asked if I needed assistance getting to my car, no thank you, no "have a nice day". Not even a "Thanks for interrupting my gum chewing, customer ignoring, staring into space, time". I feel like I should complain to the manager but I just don't know if I can be bothered.


Wandering Coyote said...

Re. generic gifts: chocolate is always good, or a Starbucks gift cert.

What ticks me off about grocery store clerks nowadays is that if you bring in your own cloth bags, they assume you also want to pack them yourself. This annoys me no end!

Heather said...

Generic gift: hot chocolate and some of those peppermint candy cane stir sticks. With tin of Quality Street cookies.

Thanks for the birthday shoutout!!

sp said...

Definitely chocolate on the generic gift. Fair trade is the way to go since it gives doubly and the chocolate is damn good.

SME said...

Chocolate's a sure thing, but a while back Richard gave me a little plastic "rock" called a Serenity Stone which you can get at any New-Agey place like Ascendant Books. It sounds corny, but it actually is kind of comforting to just hold or rub it when you're stressed, not so much because the plastic is anything special, but because someone was thinking of you when they bought it. I'm going to get one each for my grandparents.

Milla said...

Secret Santa: thank the gods we don't do this where I work. Thank the gods. Can you imagine otherwise? Second-hand books on social psychology....nooooooo ;-)

When I am at the supermarket I always put everything away by myself or with Zorro, but that's because we use a trolley like the elederlies to take the shopping home. Generally however I can say that the shop assistants or check-out people have alaways been willing to help out -at least that's my experience.

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