Some People Don't Deserve To Live

Friday, November 14, 2008
I was disgusted when I saw the title of this video on CNN this morning. Something along the lines of "Teens Use Kitten as Football". I waited all day thinking I couldn't watch the video clip because it would be just disgusting. In this day of video cell phones, hand held video cameras etc, I guess a part of me expected it to be a YouTube quality clip of a bunch of degenerates punting a kitten down the street. It slowly dawned on me that CNN wouldn't (I hope!) be that barbaric so I clicked on it. While it's true, a group of teens did apparently use this little furry ball of purring adorable fluffiness for soccer practice, it turns out to have a semi-happy ending. I'd like to be able to say that no animals were hurt in the making of the video but...well...that's the reason for the story. However, there are no shots of animal cruelty - just a very caring vet, his staff, and the cutest 3 legged feline you ever did see.

What I'd like to know is, did they catch the scum that are responsible for the trauma to this cat? And if so, what is their punishment going to be? I feel physically sick thinking about someone doing that to an animal. It instantly reminded me of a recent case here in Alberta where a group of teens broke into a house while the family was on vacation, vandalized it, and then stuffed the family cat into a microwave for something like 10 minutes. And watched and listened to it scream and howl as it died. Their punishment? Probation, community service, and being banned from owning a pet for two years. Ooooh. Yeah, that'll teach 'em. Its times like these when I think back to Sunday School and the Old Testament, and I begin to wish that "An Eye for an Eye" was an actual law....


nwtrunner said...

Those kids that put the cat in a microwave should have to walk the plank - and one would hope that the sharks would be waiting at the other end. No words can describe the total disgust one feels for them.

sp said...

That such horrors can happen to a living creature so defensively is unspeakably cruel. I wish I could save all the animals from such sufferings that we humans inflict upon them.

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