83. Deep Storm (Lincoln Child)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Have I really not finished a book since October? Apparently so. They should revoke my library card.

Book 83 on my quest to read a thousand books is Deep Storm by Lincoln Child, one half of the very popular Preston and Child writing duo. Don't know who they are? Hmm, perhaps they're not that popular after all... The pair are responsible for Relic, Mimic (both of which have been made into forgettable movies) and a host of other novels, some of which were incredibly horrible. However, they occasionally score a winner such as they did with Riptide which I reviewed earlier this year. Rather than bore you with my poor attempt at summarizing the plot, here is the write up from the back of the paperback version:

On an oil platform in the middle of the North Atlantic, a terrifying series of illnesses is spreading through the crew. When expert naval doctor Peter Crane is flown in, he finds his real destination is not the platform itself but Deep Storm: a top secret aquatic science facility, two miles below on the ocean floor. And as Crane soon learns, the covert operation he finds there is concealing something far more sinister than a medical mystery.

Short and sweet, I enjoyed it. I was prepared not to based on my attempt at reading the duo's "Book of the Dead" with it's cheesy characters and pathetic plot. However, Deep Storm pulled me into it's literary depths in the first chapter despite suggestions of Atlantis and alien lifeforms. The story was almost nonstop action and I was turning page after page eager to discover what happened next. Always the sign of a good read. Some of the characters, mainly those in the military, were fairly stereotypical (Admiral Richard Ulysses Spartan anyone? Uggh) and a good portion of the "science" side of the plot made me shake my head but all in all, I would recommend this.

Be warned though whether you're reading books penned by the pair or individually, it's a hit or miss. If at first you don't succeed, try another...and then maybe another. Give up if the third is a dud as well....


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