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Thursday, December 18, 2008
I was going to blog about all of the cheesy movies I’ve watched recently but I’m finding I don’t have the time or energy to devote to full reviews so here’s a couple of very brief reviews:

Baby Mama – Woman wants baby but is told she can’t get pregnant. Hires surrogate who plans on cheating mom-to-be out of money and then run. Two become great friends, then enemies, then best friends. Surrogate discovers the baby is actually her own and mom-to-be finds love and against all odds becomes pregnant. The world is happy once more. Tina Fey stars as mom-to-be and honestly was just not funny. Oh sure, as Sarah Palin she’s pretty blow milk out your knows, laugh until you vomit, effing funny. Amy Poehler on the other hand was hilarious and I have to wonder why she’s not getting as much attention as her former SNL costar. The world will not end if you don’t see this film but it was mildly amusing. Best part – Steve Martin as Fey’s new agey boss.

The House Bunny – Part of me is embarrassed to admit I actually watched this. The rest is too busy giggling to care. Basic premise: Always a bunny, never a centerfold. One of the many bunnies living in the Playboy mansion, Shelley has only one dream – to be a centerfold. After a big blowout bash for her 27th birthday, she’s sure that her present from Hef is going to be the news she’s been waiting for. Instead she’s given a note telling her to pack her bags and get out. Homeless, friendless, jobless, somehow Shelley manages to land a job as a house mother to a sorority of misfits. To save them from losing their charter and their house, Shelley gives them all makeovers turning them into a bunch of vapid albeit beautiful morons. Suddenly popular, they begin acting just like the type of women they hate and just when they’re about to lose Shelley who’s finally been given her big shot, they realize it’s not all about their looks. Yay, a story about morals….yeah, sure. Mindless fun for anyone who’s ever been picked on for how they look and lots of suggestive T&A shots for those who are so inclined. Starring Anna Faris (the Scary Movie series), its not as bad as it sounds. She’s great at physical comedy and plays an airhead to perfection.


SME said...

Steve Martin was hilarious in Baby Mama - probably the best part of the film. I like Tina Fey, though. She didn't overplay the desperate woman role, but was still funny.

I admit it, The House Bunny looks OK. I might watch it when I need a giggle. Like, today.

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