Run Away from the Va-Jay-Jay

Wednesday, December 03, 2008
As usual this past lunch hour, I sat at my desk, ate my lunch, knit a few rows on the sweater and watched an old episode of 8 out of 10 Cats on Youtube. Hosted by Jimmy Carr, the show can be a hit or miss depending on who the guests are and what crazy things people are talking about that week. This particular episode was mildly amusing but not particularly thrilling. That is until they began discussing Sarah Palin. One guest, whose name I can’t remember because I don’t know who on earth he was, made a comment that the more right wing Sarah Palin gets, the more attracted to her he is (he likened her to an attractive Hitler). A member of the opposing team quipped back:

I imagine having sex with her is like sticking your dick into a swirling vortex of hate.

I laughed so hard I almost impaled my eye on a knitting needle. And it wasn’t because Jimmy Carr is funny. Because he’s not.


Gardenia said...

Hmmmm, is she on her way to becoming an icon for the S & M community? Right wing will take on a new meaning for sure. "H" actually gets ticked off when anyone says anything about her - I would love to probe his brain while he's sleeping to find out what is going on about that!

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