Shopping is a contact sport

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Excuse me while I put my feet up, crack open a cold one, and become a couch potato – I earned it this weekend. How, you ask? I finished my Christmas shopping. That’s right folks, I’m that organized. Chalk it up to the fact that I’m a Capricorn and I like to plan – lists, lists, lists! Ok, in fairness I’m not quite done – I still have to get a toy for each of the felines – but essentially, finito!

I lucked out this year, you might say. The sister in law and I made an executive decision and declared the adults would not be buying presents for each other (except for those you live with) and we’d focus on the only two little kiddies in the family. And I opted out of the Secret Santa exchange in the office. That left … the Admiral. And the previously mentioned cats. When you tack on the fact that I’m saving my pennies for my upcoming trip and can’t spoil my bloggy friends as I normally would (sorry guys!), shopping this year became much less stressful.

Wait a minute. Scratch that. Not less stressful, just fewer items to pick up. There’s still a complete lack of customer service out there and there were plenty of crowds despite it being a Monday morning. Along with the Christmas presents, I picked up some new underoos for myself (no you can’t see them) and a new shirt. I wasn’t completely in love with the top (I was with the underpants…I have the same pair in 4 other colours!) and wasn’t going to get it but it was on sale and fit well. Plus I really need some new clothes. So, I handed over my debit card and purchased it. Again, a complete lack of service. It was so bad that I’m going to name the store – Reitmans. I don’t shop there often but have found a few nice things when I’ve shopped there before and have always had lovely service. This time? No. Three staff working, one other customer in the store. I picked out 6 tops myself over the course of 10 minutes, not one of them asked if they could help me or start a change room so I headed to the back by myself. One of them did notice the closed door to the change room and tried to open it but then wandered off when I said “Can I help you?”. I spent another 15 minutes in there humming and hawing over whether to get any of the tops before getting dressed and heading to the register. Not one of the three said hello, did you find everything, how are you, kiss my butt, etc. It was truly pathetic. Then, there was no thank you, have a nice day or any other acknowledgement that I was even in the store. I can’t say that I’ll never shop there again because the options for voluptuous, Ruben-esque women in Edmonton is rather limited but I’ll certainly look elsewhere before I drag my butt into your store. Grrrr.Did I mention it’s finally snowing again? It might, if I’m really lucky, stay until Christmas!


mister anchovy said...

I've done the Christmas shopping that counts. I've shopped for Tuffy P!!

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm getting really stressed about Christmas...Not looking forward to it.

I generally like Reitmans and haven't had any customer service trouble at all in the stores I've been in. Sorry you had a crappy experience.

sp said...

Chalk it up to seasonal staff. They're a bewildered bunch hired late in the fall and thrown into the Christmas rush. Believe me I know, I'm training some right now. They look completely baffled sometimes. I remember being new and yadda yadda, but it's rough when someone is new at Christmas.

Your present plans sound great. I'm madly knitting socks trying to get a pair for each person in my immediate family. The clock is ticking I'd better go knit.

Milla said...

I've done my Christmas shopping too this year: I have no money whatsoever, so no one will get a present. Best Christmas shopping ever!

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