Yet Another Remake?

Thursday, December 04, 2008
Why oh why can't they leave well enough alone? Today, while skimming the entertainment news over at, I read there are plans in the works to remake Romancing the Stone. Are you kidding me? Come on! You're never going to be able to recreate the chemistry that existed between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. I can just see it now; they'll probably cast the Pitt-Jolies and ruin this film for an entire generation.

In case any of you young'ins have never heard of this classic adventure comedy...Turner played romance writer Joan Wilder, a shy, nervous ball of passivity who lives vicariously through her novels' heros and heroines. One day she receives a phone call from her sister in Columbia. Seems she's been kidnapped, her husband murdered and the only thing that can save her is for Joan to bring a treasure map she recently received to South America. Arriving in Columbia, she boards the wrong bus, gets abandoned in the middle of the jungle and is pursued by a corrupt cop who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the map (and the treasure) and keep it for himself. Like a scene straight out of one of her novels, a 'down on his luck' soldier of fortune named Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) comes to her rescue. Together they set off on a cross country adventure in search of legendary treasure, dodging bullets, banditos, and a batch of crocodiles, and end up finding love.

This was back in the day when Turner was at her prime...gorgeous, sexy, that voice...before she became Chandler Bing's father, Helena Handbasket. And Douglas before he started to get old. And of course before he married Catherine Zeta-Jones and started looking really old. Action, adventure, laughs, sexual tension, Danny Devito as the bad guy. Come on! It was a classic. Oh sure, it was followed up by the not-as-good Jewel of the Nile and the three stars teamed up again in the highly forgettable War of the Roses. But in a decade that gave us the original Star Wars trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Romancing the Stone could still hold it's own. Now, they're going to remake it, put a 21st century spin on it no doubt and ruin it. Aggggh. Next thing you know they're going to remake Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold. Or Revenge of the Nerds. Or ... god forbid ... Goonies. They touch Goonies and I'm hopping on a plane to Hollywood to kick some ass.


Cynnie said...

although I'm super stoked over the remake of the day the earth stood still !..

Catherine Z should have never married that old fart ..I'm constantly surprised to find out how young she is ..I'm always thinking she's 40 something.

tweetey30 said...

I think I have heard of this one. I am not 100% sure I have seen it but I think I have at least heard of it..

Wandering Coyote said...

This film was THE BEST! And I loved Jewel of the Nile, too. Devito was brilliant, as were the other principals! Yeah, leave well enough alone I say, too.

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