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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Remember when I ordered a couple of tshirts from Cafepress almost a month ago? They were scheduled to arrive between the 13th and 16th. I was getting a bit antsy by Monday, especially since my good blog friend, Wandering Coyote, who had ordered a shirt after I wrote that post, had already received hers! Figuring it was stuck in customs, I fired off a quick e-mail to the company to see if they could find out where it was since tracking isn't available for international orders (Cafepress is based in the US). The customer service department responded to me within a couple of hours. Technically, my order was only one business day (and therefore mail delivery day) past the estimated delivery time but they seemed very concerned and offered...brace yourself...to send a replacement order out to me immediately! WHAT? This is someone's idea of a cruel joke right? No one does that sort of thing!

I decided to wait a day before responding, just in case. Good thing too as my parcel arrived the very next day. Unfortunately, just like Coyote, my shirts were too snug. They were wearable but god forbid I wash them - they would have become obscene. So, back they must go. I replied to their e-mail saying thanks for the replacement offer but they arrived and will be returning. Before I tell you the outcome, let me just say that I heart Cafepress's customer service. It has to be the best I have ever encountered. I will DEFINATELY be ordering from them again. The reply I received this moring? If you're familiar with Coyote's experience, you'll already know. They are sending me two new shirts in the next size up absolutely free of charge. No shipping, no taxes. AND I don't have to return the originals. Mine to keep.

Marry me, Cafepress customer service rep...marry me.

PS: I found a new shirt I want to get!


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, I am so in love with them, too! Alas, I really cannot be putting any more stuff on my credit card!

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