An Interview with the Captain

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Around Christmas time, Dr. Monkey offered to interview anyone who asked so I thought...why not? Big apologies for not getting it done sooner. Here's how it went...

1) You review a lot of movies on your fabulous blog, so that means you watch a lot of movies. What is your favorite film of all time and why do you like it so much?
This is a tough question for me to answer as I have a few faves. Let me think…Aliens is one movie that I can watch over and over again. Action, aliens, hot guys in uniform with guns, explosions, space…what more can you ask for in a movie? Then there’s Lawrence of Arabia. I’ve only watched this film a couple of times but it has to be one of the most visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen. Again, lots of action, exotic scenery, great story, and, my favourite part…Antony Quinn at his most dashing. John Carpenter’s The Thing still scares the bejeesus out of me to this day. Kirk Douglas was hot too. And that ending? One of the best.

I guess my all time favourite film would have to be my childhood fave (and still enjoyable today) – Flash Gordon. Not the cartoon, comic or the cheesy black and white movies. No, I’m talking the 1980 version starring Sam J. Jones, Timothy Dalton, Ornella Muti, Brian Blessed and Max von Sydow as Ming the Merciless. This movie had it all: action, adventure, sports, science fiction, romance, explosions, fights to the death, a killer soundtrack courtesy of Queen, and an off the scale fromage factor that has yet to be replicated. I must have seen it in the theatre at least 5 or 6 times when I was growing up including what was probably my first “date” with Derek Gauthier circa age 9 or 10. I absolutely love this movie for more reasons than I can begin to describe. Go out, see it. You’ll understand why. Oh, and a few years ago I had managed to find an arcade in West Edmonton Mall with a Flash Gordon pinball game…I kicked butt.

I think that I might have to rewatch it...

2) If you could change places with one historical figure which would it be and why.
This would depend on how long I would have to switch places with this person for. Permanently? Tough one. I’m not sure I would switch with anyone. I’m very happy with indoor plumbing, modern medicine, air travel, Quiznos and all the rest. For a 24 hour period? I'd love to be a crew member aboard the real HMS Swiftsure right before the Battle of the Nile. Not only would I be a part of a great naval battle and history itself but I'd also get to see my great great (I can't remember how many times great)... grandfather in action.

3) Who, besides yourself and the Admiral, are your top five Canadians of all time?
Five? Have there been five great Canadians? Just teasing! Tommy Douglas is a huge one for me. Relatively free health care for an entire country? Damn right he's tops. David Suzuki is not only the sexiest septegenarian I've ever seen but the focus he's brought to global warming, the environment and the world around us is immeasurable. Brilliant man. Chris Haney and Scott Abbott - the inventors/creators of Trivial Pursuit for filling my head with tonnes of useless knowledge which comes in handy at the weirdest moments. Sir Sanford Fleming - the genius who came up with Daylight savings time/standard time - I love him in the fall/hate him in the spring as do most people I'm guessing. Nellie McClung for fighting so hard to ensure I could vote.

4) You've got a trip to Great Britain coming up, if money was no object what would be your itinerary on that trip?
Would time be no object as well? That's just as big a hinderance as money. Wow, what would I do??? Well, I'd certainly make my way to places other than London - Bath, Portsmouth (Pompey!), north to Hadrian's wall, a stop in Durham to visit with an old school chum, up to Scotland to visit Ms. Moneypenny in Glasgow. Possibly visit Wales and Ireland too. It would be great to hire my own personal tour guide as well. I'd definately take the Admiral with me. Her one and only visit there was spent mainly visiting farms and taking pictures with sheep and highland cattle. Odd, oh yes. Ideally, I would love to rent a little country cottage for a couple of months and take mini trips to various locations around the UK. if was money wasn't a problem after all. Mental note - buy lottery ticket tomorrow.

5) Did you get the Christmas card I sent you or is the Admiral stealing your mail again?
I did indeed...eventually! We're both used to living on our own and she seems to assume all the mail she collects is for her! When we were packing things up, I noticed it sitting on top of the bookshelf. Hmmm, where (and when!) did this come from I wondered. Thank you muchly!

Muchos gracias Dr. M. And my sincere apologies for taking so long.


nwtrunner said...

I'd want to go for a run with Terry Fox, and then sit and see him interact with kids and adults.

I'd have loved to have sat and had a beer with the man after a marathon.

He's my vote for Greatest Canadian.

sp said...

Ah it's nice to have an interview with the Captain.

I hope that lottery ticket gets you that tour for you and the Admiral.

Candy Minx said...

Great interview, enjoyed this one very much.

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