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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
So, thanks to the fabulousness of Cafepress, I have two tshirts I cannot wear. They're probably a perfect fit for the admiral but she'd never wear them. What's a captain to do then? Let them sit in my closest collecting dust hoping beyond hope that I lose enough weight (and inches in the boob area) in order to have them fit properly? Yeah, right...that's not going to happen. Lucky Heather of Lectio fame has first dibs on the skull and crossbones tee as she saw it first on my Flickr page. However, I have this fantastic shirt and no one to give it to. Hmmm. What on earth am I going to do with it????

I know! I'll give it away to one of you lucky bloggers! If anyone's interested, please leave a comment. I'll put the names of all the interested folks into my pot o'gold and draw one at random. Sound good? Groovy. There's a few things you should know about it however. First of all, it's a ladies "plus size" fitted v-neck tshirt. That means it's got a waist for shaping so, boys...unless you're looking for a present for a lady friend, you might want to pass but I'll leave that up to you. Unlike a lot of plus size tshirts, it doesn't hang down to your knees. It hits me exactly at the belly button so for someone a bit smaller, once you wash it, it'll probably be just perfect. The tag says 2x which, according to the Cafepress sizing charts, is a CDN size 20/22. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. The shirt fits very small and I would guess that it's more like a fitted 16/18 which could potentially shrink down to a 14/16. However, don't rely on my judgement. Also, I'll be sending it to you as it arrived fresh out of the bag. You'll notice a sheen around the design on the tshirt. Cafepress assures us that this will disappear after the first wash.

There you have it. Like I said, if you're interested, leave a comment. I'll draw a name on Friday.

The Skull and Crossbones shirt below is also available so I'll draw two names for anyone who's interested on Friday.


Milla said...

whoo-la-la this brown and green t-shirt looks good.
Is the 16/18 size in UK sizes?
I would fit into an 18... as long as it remains 18...

But when I look at the it you in it? If so, the t-shirts fits you very well. Why are you giving it away?

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm in for both! They'd fit me too, as the 16/18 I ordered is being replaced with the the next size up. And I believe they're pre-shrunk cotton, aren't they? I thought that's what the web site said.

sp said...

I'm sorry I missed the draw. I love the skull and crossbones one.

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