Monday, February 23, 2009
Thank goodness for alternate work schedules. Today is my earned day off. What am I going to do with an entire day, you ask? Oh, plenty. Sometime today I have to go the bank, then to the library, maybe grab a bite to eat while I'm out. There's my bedroom to clean, time to put in on the treadmill, documentaries to watch, books to read, a book review to write, dinner to cook, lists to make, various chores to finish, and if I get a moment, I might rest for a bit. Hold on! What am I doing wasting valuable time blogging? Could it be that I'm the world's greatest procrastinator? Oh yes.

The weekend has flown by and I can't remember much of it. Not surprising, I didn't do much that was really worth remembering. At least two games of Civ IV on the computer, laundry, grocery shopping, other shopping, I managed to catch Corrie Street this week (wow a lot happens when you skip a week!), on and on and on... See? I told you not too exciting. I didn't watch the Oscars again this year. Not entirely true, I did catch a few clips but that was only when I was flipping around the dial. They seemed to have a new plan this year - having a different former winner introduce a nominee for the major acting categories. Am I wrong? Perhaps I was too tired after spending all day at the mall surrounded by gaggles of crazed hockey fans and small children running amok. Whether it was true or a figment of my imagination, I quite liked the idea. I was a bit disappointed to see that Mickey Rourke didn't win for his role in The Wrestler. Also, not surprised that Heath won his posthumous Oscar for his turn as the Joker. Sure he was amazing in the role but you knew he would win once people started talking after his death. That's not to say he didn't deserve it... And I should probably make an attempt to see Slumdog Millionaire considering all the trophies it took home. Hmmm, nope. Doesn't appeal to me.

The Admiral is trying to learn Spanish. No particular reason, just because. Yay for her.

Remember my quest to find a pair of cute Chuck Taylors? Yeah, that dream died a horrible death. I had a terrible time finding any and when I did they were either hideous colours or didn't have my size...or both. However, I did manage to find a lovely pair of Clarks while out with the Sister in Law and her mum yesterday. They were a fair bit more expensive than what I had hoped to spend (I had seen a bunch of other Clarks on sale at this particular store) but they fit like a glove, are extremely comfortable, have plenty of support, and are very cute. Plus they'll last and, according to the salesman, the ACS (Air Circulation System) will keep my feet cool and dry. Considering all the walking I'll be doing in them, very good plan. I used to buy the cheapest shoes I could find that fit and weren't hideous. However, as I've gotten older, I've realized that's not the smartest plan of action. I now go for comfort and support (along with esthetic...I AM still a girl afterall); price is still a consideration but I'd rather have two pairs of great fitting comfy shoes that'll last than six pairs of cheap shoes that hurt my feet and will fall apart the minute a drop of rain splashes within 6 feet of them.

I've been a bad blogger - not just because I haven't been posting much but because I haven't been visiting/commenting. Still feeling blah about the whole Blogging thing but I'm hoping that it'll return soon. I miss it but haven't had much to say and when I do? No desire to put fingers to keyboard.

That's enough for now, enough putting off the inevitable. No way to get out of doing it, I'm going to have to get dressed and venture out into the snow that's falling (yet again!) outside my window. Take care me bloggies.


Wandering Coyote said...

I really liked the way the acting Oscars were done last night with the previous winners. It really honoured all the nominees rather than have them feel like chopped liver when they didn't win. This way, they all got special recognition and I kinda liked that.

sp said...

Great shoes.

I liked the Oscar format as well for the same reasons as Wandering Coyote. It's a great idea and I hope they continue along the same path in the future.

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