Seriously? It's THIS difficult to find shoes?

Monday, February 16, 2009
I visited four stores in one of the local malls in the hopes that one of them would have a pair of Chuck Taylors in a colour I liked and, of course, my size. Well, two of them carried the famous Converse brand and the other chain store carries them but not at this particular location. And the two that DID have some on their shelves? All black or black checks, leather, or just plain butt ugly. I did see a pair of turquoise high tops that started to grow on me the longer I stared at them but the largest size they had in stock was an 8. Seriously. That's it. Disappointment set it and I headed home.

When I arrived, I decided to call the other location of the store that carried them but not at the location I visited. Score!!! He had the two colours I was looking for. The clerk kindly put me on hold and headed to the back to see if he had my size. I waited anxiously hoping and praying that it would be my lucky day. It was not meant to be. Absolutely nothing in my size.

Is Edmonton such a backwater, middle of nowhere hole that no one carries a decent selection or keeps more than one pair in any particular size. I'm so disappointed.


SME said...

I haven't had that problem so far, but then I'm not very selective or discerning when it comes to shoes. If they fit and aren't hideous, I'm sold.

Milla said...

hmmm what do I hate the most, buying clothes or buying shoes? I think buying shoes.
I spent 6 months looking for some good walking shoes; the moment I gave up looking, I found two (2!) pairs. You know, I broke my toes in a mountaneering accident 14 years ago and I have to be careful what kind of shoes I buy: these two pairs are from Clarks and they are fab! About £40.00 each pair and well worth the money. There is big shop along Oxford Street if you are interested in visiting it when you are over here -or have a look at

tweetey30 said...

I have to agree with SME. I am not big on shoes so if they fit and they are ok in color I will wear them..

Candy Minx said...

Maybe get them online?

What size do you wear? I would pick some up for you...but I'm so slow you'd probably not get them until spring...

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