Sunday, February 08, 2009
Thanks to everyone who commented on either of the previous posts regarding the loan etc. Some great advice and you've all given me lots to think about. Hmmm, choices, choices, choices...

So Good Blog recently had a post about Michael Phelps being dropped by one of his major sponsors, Kelloggs. I don't agree with what the author wrote so I left a comment expressing my views. Now, I'm not an angel and I've certainly done my fair share of things that aren't exactly legal, including smoking various substances on more occasions than could be counted as "trying" something new. I knew that my views would not necessarily be the most popular of those who eventually read this particular post or left a comment but I was not really prepared for one person to say that I was stupid. Not that they didn't agree with me or that I had written something that was incorrect. Nope. Apparently I'm stupid. That would explain how I graduated from University. Whatever.

As of writing this post, I have 38 sleeps left. And yet, still so much to do. There's the fiasco with my flights to sort out, another call to my credit card company, a list of phone numbers and info for the Admiral, packing (yes, I WILL wait until at least the weekend before), shopping for a coat/shoes/presents, training someone to fill in for me at work, finding someone at work to train, and a number of other little things that won't take much time to do and cross off my list but can't be finished until closer to departure. Sigh. Excited? It comes and goes. Anxious? Every now and then. Need to get away? Definately.

No working out for me today. I was feeling a bit dizzy - I think I had too much salt yesterday. Jumping on the treadmill and working up a sweat didn't seem like a very smart idea. If I fell off, I would have been thrown into the wall. Instead, I spent my day doing laundry, cleaning my room, organizing my closet, having a nap, reading, and watching Anaconda and Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. Fromage majeur, oui, je sais but I really enjoy watching these terrible movies. Once you get past Jon Voigt's terrible accent in the first one, it's a fun scary movie. I was a bit disappointed though that TBS decided not to show the third installment, the made-for-TV film Anaconda Offspring starring none other than the Hoff himself. Sure, it's supposed to be absolutely beyond terrible but I was really looking forward it after the first two films. Ah well, perhaps I'll have to rent it.

Uh oh...I had started this post with a list of items in my head to talk about and now my brain is a blank. Maybe I really am stupid... ? Ah well, perhaps I'll remember tomorrow. Couldn't have been that important.


tweetey30 said...

Hey there. Long time no hear.. LOL.. I have the first Anaconda but seen parts of the second but never knew there was a third. Wow where have I been?? LOL.. In lala land.. Working to damned hard for my opinion to count lately.

Milla said...

Karen, what 'fiasco with my flights to sort out'...what fiasco?? You ARE coming over here, you are...

Captain Karen said...

Milla, oh yes! I'm definately coming but the airline changed my flight and the travel agent didn't bother to tell me. The big problem is that my first flight arrives 30 minutes after my connection to London has already left!!! Arrgggh. Unfortunately the travel agent says they can't do anything until 1 month prior to departure. Egads... good thing I checked my flights otherwise I never would have known. Double arrgh. I'm sure it will work out but it's still frustrating.

Tweetey: I'm sure neither of us are missing anything regarding the 3rd movie.

Candy Minx said...

I dunno, only in the U.S. would people get their pantyhose in a knot over pot.

I hate Kelloggs anyways, not a big processed food person...try to avoid it...and jesus. The world needs to de-criminalize these drugs so mafia won't be making profit and a kid can go to a party.

I think Phelps"friends" are jerks, and I hope he changes the circle of peopel he hangs out with. God knows I am glad there wasn't a cell phone camera when I was growing up...I have a checkered past!

heh heh

Remember Ross?

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