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Thursday, February 05, 2009
I've been a bad blogger but I'm still not feeling very bloggish. It hasn't helped that I have no time at work to post the occasional rant. Not that I blog at work. Ever. No. That would be ... wrong, right? Yeah, that's it. I suppose I could do it at lunch but when I've actually had time to take lunch, I now have someone (usually) to eat with rather than sitting sadly at my desk.

So, what's new with me you ask? Well, I bought a treadmill the other day. It's wonderful. I can walk in my underwear if I want but I wouldn't because that would be weird. However, the option is there. The Admiral has been using it as well and even started jogging a little bit. I was so stunned I had to take a video and send it to her sister, the runner. I'm so proud of her. I haven't been working out on a regular basis as I had hoped to and I need to some walking in before heading off on my trip (41 sleeps) otherwise I'm going to likely collapse somewhere in the middle of Trafalgar square when my legs decide to buckle from overuse. So far so good although when I had to move the furniture in my bedroom around to make room for this behemoth, I think I pulled a little something in my thigh...

The weather has been lovely, for February. Hovering around zero or just above and fairly sunny. Some of the snow and ice has begun to melt making it a bit easier to get around which, for those of us who walk to and from work, is a blessing. The mayor has said the city shouldn't be ticketing folks who haven't cleared their sidewalks yet. I say he's a jackass. While I understand the recent rain/melting will take time to be cleared but what about all the sidewalks that haven't been cleared of snow/ice all winter long? Hmmm? that covers most of the sidewalks on my route to the office, Mr. Mandel. Perhaps he'd like to come and walk with me to work and see just how treacherous some of these walks can be. In my view, it's part of the responsibility of being a home/apartment building/business owner to keep your share of the sidewalks clean. It snows? Get out there and shovel. It rains? Once it freezes, get up a bit earlier the next morning and throw down some salt (not my preferred option) or use your ice chipper and clear the walk. It's not that difficult. Heck, what happened to paying the neighbourhood kid a few bucks to do it for you?

Trying to read more - I've been a bit lax lately. I'm not making great headway through my 1000 books goal and I've been spending too much time in front of the telly. And with summer coming, I'd like to wean myself off of the computer/television and spend more time outside.

There's also been some planning for the future. Looking at my budget and items I'd like to get over the next year including a DVDR or PVR or whatever you call them - one of those DVD players that can record from the TV or save your programs; a new comfortable chair (a chair and 1/2 sounds delightful) for my bedroom; new bedding; a new digital camera and one for the Admiral; clothes and shoes...that sort of thing. Over the course of the next year (starting after the return from my trip) it's totally do-able. However, there's the desire to continue travelling. I was hoping to take another trip in a year, this time to France or Italy. Then there's the student loan issue. I could be using the money I'd be spending on shopping or travelling and put it towards paying off some of my debts so that I'll have more money in the future. And what about retirement? Oh yes, that. Sure I'm paying into a pension fund but that won't cover all my expenses when I retire so I should be putting some money away towards an RRSP or some other retirement package. Oh god, it would be so easier if I just won the lottery...! I know, though, that that is not going to happen so I'll have some decisions to make but that will wait until April 2nd. For now, I'm focusing on the short term!

Hope everyone's been taking care of themselves. I have been visiting, don't worry!!! And I'll try to be a better blogger...


Wandering Coyote said...

Congrats on the treadmill! I hope you like it and get a lot of use out of it. I've been pretty good about getting to the gym lately...Hopefully I can shed a few unwanted lbs before summer...I'm not holding my breath, though...Such a pessimist.

Nice to see you blogging!

Milla said...

A threadmill... what's that ;-)

You know, I have never had any money in my life, and now that I can afford to travel a little bit, I travel as much as possible -on the cheap I travel (sleeping at railaway stations even), but I want to see as much as I can. I don't have a pension plan, nor am I saving for the future, you know why? Because I can see now all those people who were good and saved throughout their lives are now struggling because of the financial crisis. They saved ALL their life and now they are left with nothing.
I'd rather enjoy my life now, sell the house when I'm older and move to a shed in my village. But I'll be able to say I travelled here and there, met great people, ate great food and had one hell of a great time!

sp said...

Have fun with the new treadmill!

Heather said...

I have a Panasonic DVR-DVD combo thingee, and I really like it. My advice to you is to get one with a hefty sized hard drive in it. It makes it easier to record shows and store them up for later.

I even use it when I'm going to watch a show the same night...I set the DVR to record, wait twenty minutes, and then start watching. You can fast-forward through the commercials that way!

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