Bitter vs. Lager

Saturday, March 14, 2009
I love David Mitchell. Many of you are already aware of this. If not, ... surprise! While I patiently await the next season of Peep Show, I am content to be entertained with reruns of various panel shows where he's able to amaze the audience with his wit and charm. He's also been putting out a series of 3-minute clips on various topics where he gets to rant about whatever he feels warrants it. His most recent clip focuses on beer. Specifically lager versus bitter.

To be perfectly honest, I don't particularly enjoy beer. I've grown up in a country that takes great pride in it's national brews which, when compared to the watered down dross that our American cousins flood the market with, are practically the elixir of the gods. However, when held up against the selections offered by the rest of the world...weak, flavourless, and bland. I blame my lack of ale enjoyment to the fact that my tastebuds have been ruined by innumerable pitchers of whatever the cheapest beer was on tap.

However, with only 4 sleeps left, I'm looking forward to finding out the difference between all the various forms beer takes and what better place to be educated than a country which takes drinking seriously...especially their beer. So, Mr. Mitchell's latest clip didn't make much sense to me but the meerkat popping up every few seconds was highly entertaining. Enjoy.


sp said...

I got a chance to go to the Tasty Food show in Birmingham once and there were so many tasty beers to try. I had so much fun.

I did find that the pubs disappointed me since they often had the same two or three brands wherever I went, but then I wasn't in London so that may have made a difference.

We have so many tasty microbrews here maybe you'll also acquire a taste for beer and start to enjoy the variety available.

Pokecheck said...

Hey now. There are many, many great American beers. It's not all Budweiser and Natural Light swill here, missy. :P

Pokecheck said...
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Gardenia said...

I'm not a beer drinker, but when I do hit one, I want a REAL beer - which is usually a "foreign" beer - I so agree with you on American beers - "weak as pee" as my grandma would say.

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