It's A Small World After All

Saturday, March 07, 2009
Every morning, the admin staff in our office have a little meeting (why? I don't know). As usual, we were all ready on time, pulling our chairs up, coffees in hand, waiting for our fearless leader to show up. While we waited, the subject of my trip came up. We briefly discussed how long I was going to be in London and then where I'd be headed for my last few days. One of the other girls mentioned that she had a friend in southern England and that she lives/teaches in a small seaside town called Whitstable.

I almost fell on the floor.

YOU've heard of Whitstable? Oh my goodness. Seriously? Oh yes, she told me. While she'd never been there, her friend had told her all about the Oyster festival and the other wonders that it has to offer. She's actually hoping to go there over the summer. Because I'm a bit of a weenie, I asked her if she'd heard what I called "The Whitstable Song"? She giggled and shook her head thinking...uh oh, the Captain's about to get freaky again. I instantly broke into song and the rest of the crew just stared at me. Granted I can't carry a tune to save my life so I wasn't too surprised. Thankfully the boss man showed up just as I finished and we moved on to various work-related matters.


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