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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
So, I'm working my way through the first season of Lost again. I recently bought myself the boxed sets of the first and second seasons. I figured I'd go back and re-acquaint myself with the castaways as well as perhaps discovering a few things I missed on the first time around. This evening I was enjoying episode six of season 1, House of the Rising Sun. You remember the episode...it's the first bit of background of Jin and Sun's story pre-crash. It's also the episode where Jack finds the cave and half the survivors move off the beach. The bodies Jack and Kate find in the caves had slipped my mind until the pair were chased back into the caves by the bees.

The bodies are that of a man and a woman. When asked how long he thinks they've been there, Jack guesses about 40 or 50 years since that's how long it would take for the clothing, etc. to decay to the state they're currently in. Inside the pocket of one of the bodies is a pouch with two stones...one black, one white. While doing some searching, I came across an interesting theory about the couple being Amelia Earhart and Tom Noonan who disappeared in the 30s. I don't buy it although the possible appearance of Earhart in the 70s as a neighbour of Juliette's in the Dharma village is intriguing. The rocks are the give away.

In the first couple of episodes of the first season, Locke teaches Walt to play backgammon and makes a point of showing him the two colours - one light, one dark. Now, given all that we've come to expect, this could simply be a red herring to throw us off what's really going on. It would be easy to say the male body is Locke based on the rocks but that's just it....a bit TOO easy. So who is this mysterious pair?

I certainly think that its two of the survivors. Jack estimated 40-50 years. That wouldn't be enough time for, say Jack and Kate for example, to be the couple. Or would it? The caves are humid which could very well aid the decomposition process and therefore skew the dates that Jack would, in other circumstances, have been correct about. Therefore the idea that the bodies belong to two of the survivors is plausible. But which two? Time will tell. I'm guessing all won't be revealed until the end of the final season so I guess we'll just have to wait patiently for this mystery.


Wandering Coyote said...

Hm. I'd forgotten all about those bodies and that cave. I should probably go back and watch the first couple of seasons again, too.

SME said...

With the time loopiness going on it's hard to tell...could be anybody. But I'm thinking maybe the DeGroots, the couple who started DHARMA?

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