Sunday, May 17, 2009
What sort of major chain grocery store doesn't eggplant? I am soooo disappointed. I was all set to make Red's fabulous Pasta alle Norma. Now, I can't. Stupid bleeping Save-On-Foods. And I had even made a special trip with the sister-in-law to the Italian Centre.

Oh, the Italian Centre Shop. I love you. And yet, I never get there. I used to love/hate going and shopping there - aisle upon tiny crammed aisle of fabulous finds mixed with chain store staples, trying to dodge fellow shoppers. Never a slow moment in this store. And their deli? Looks fabulous but it scares me. Everyone else seems to know what they're doing, what the weird looking meats and cheeses are. I would often get frustrated (you know how I hate crowds), grab a few items and leave in a bad mood. Now, however, they've expanded, widened the aisles. The crowds are still there but it's not so bad. I still love exploring the aisles finding all the great imported items. So much fun! I didn't come away with anything exciting this time. Just some fresh parmigiano, pasta shells (not Barilla or De Cecco this time, I couldn't find shells in either brand so I went with Riscossa), a few ciabattas, a couple of other staples, and, after a discussion with one of my coworkers who's family is Italian, a bottle of Mutti's tomato passata. It wasn't the brand she recommended but I couldn't remember the one she mentioned when I got there. This looked and sounded like what Red and *Asterisk had used to make their fabulicious pasta dishes when I visited them back in March so I figured I would give it a go and try and make a decent sauce. But now...I don't have eggplant. Damn.

In other knews, I'm ditching Facebook by the end of day Monday. There's a variety of reasons; let's just say that it hasn't lived up to the hype and it seems just about everyone I know is using if for the applications involved rather than the actual social networking aspect which is what I originally hoped to use it for. I'm also considering starting a new blog and no longer posting here. Things are still up in the air but I'm mulling over the idea and will let you know what I decide.


Wandering Coyote said...

Save-on doesn't sell eggplant? Weird. The one I go to in Nelson is pretty well stocked, but I have never looked out for eggplant. I'll have to remember that the next time I go there.

Captain Karen said...

Normally they do but the clerk I spoke with said they hadn't had any for over a week. I thought that was very having no onions.

Milla said...

Aubergines, their name in English is aubergines! Why is that on the other side of the pond they are called eggplants? Where's the egg? The fruits themselves don't even look like an egg.

Karen, I am off for two weeks: if you create a new blog could you please let me know the url by email, so I have the news when I get back? I will update the links on mine.

Facebook: I knew from the start that a lot of it was a hype, that's why I'm still without and account. I have Myspace though, and that is great to keep in touch with the bands I like: bands never update their websites nowadays.

Milla said...

I've just checked out the link to the Italian Centre Shop: they even sell Felce Azzurra beauty products! That's wonderful. You should try their body cream, it's FAB.

Heather said...

No more Scrabble?

asterisk said...

Save-On-Foods is a real store?! It sounds like the sort of place no one should be buying anything from... Lawdy! Hahahaha.

Surely you can get aubergine (eggplant) somewhere else, though. It's a standard food item, isn't it?

Sorry you won't be using FB anymore. I feel I use it quite socially and the only app I really bother with is Scrabble, which in itself is quite social. (I also use a few silly gift apps.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love neighbourhood Italian groceries. You can find items there you don't see elsewhere and when they give samples, it's even better. There used to be a great one in London that had a bakery and a little in-store restaurant as well that I used to frequent.

sp said...

I'll miss HMS Swiftsure if you go.

It's nice to support the small business isn't it?
Bottom line: go with Italian tomatoes (brand isn't as important if their Italian).

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