Arrrgh! Infestation!

Thursday, June 18, 2009
This morning I awoke to light rain. Thank the gods. Sadly though it's not nearly enough to make any sort of difference. However, I was determined to enjoy it while it lasted so I opened up the patio doors and took a seat on the balcony. Ah, the smell of fresh rain! There's nothing quite like it. I glanced over to see how the plants were doing...pretty well. Until I caught a hint of movement in my purple flowers. I took a closer look. Damn it! There was a little green worm on the leaves. This is not the first problem we've had with the plants this summer. It all started with the pansies we had picked up from Home Depot...

Two of the plants died fairly early on while the third soon became covered in something that could have been pollen or possibly bug larvae. Couldn't tell. We finally decided to just pitch it. A short while later though we noticed the same stuff on the purple calibrachoa. Whatever it was, it had skipped the entire pot of petunias and settled onto my little purple flowers. The same plant in which I found the worm this morning. WTF. To risk any more possible contamination of the rest of out plants, I moved the planter to the corner of the balcony away from the other plants and will pitch it tonight. Sadly, when I checked my morning glories which were located beside the purple flowers, I found some of these things on the underside of one of the sprouts. I ripped it out. I'm so pissed.

Gardeners? Any suggestions? I'm seriously considering growing everything from seed from now on. Grrrrrrr.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, that sucks totally. I have no idea, though. There may be a gentle way of removing pests, though. I know you can make a solution of dish detergent & water and spray this on the plants to get rid of certain insects, but perhaps you could check with a greenhouse first. It's a shame, though. I'd be really frustrated if I were you.

sp said...

I'd need a visual identification to know what you're dealing with, but it sounds like you did the right thing by pitching the plants if there were infested. The green worm and what looked like pollen might be related.

One plant could bring in a pest or it could come from the soil; you just never know what you're going to get.

WC's remedy is good if you add a drop of veg oil to the mix and will work on aphids, but I'm not sure it will take any affect on the worm.

I'm sorry you had to toss some of your plants. Seeds and bulbs aren't a bad idea.

Milla said...

Coyote is right regarding the dish detergent. I also use shampoo! Or vinegar.

Sometimes however you may just need to do the drastic thing of either removing the plants altogether or using chemicals.

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