Final Toe Update

Thursday, June 04, 2009
Yes folks, the final toe update (barring any further injuries that is). Yesterday when I got home from work, I changed my clothes and sat outside on the balcony with the cats as per usual when there's no hockey playoffs on. As I sat there, I glanced down at my feet and noticed that the portion of my toenail which still hadn't healed looked a bit odd. In fact, the right side of the mangled bit seemed as though it

I touched it.

It moved.

I almost threw up.

I was so disgusted. Oh god, over a year later and I'm going to finally lose half my toenail. Figures. Naturally I couldn't resist touching it again. Sure enough, it was lifting up and quite easily. Odd though that it didn't hurt at all. Hmmm. What if I lift a little bit more? Just like a kid picking a scab, I touched it again. Third time's a charm apparently because it popped right up and off. While it took off a small bit of healthy nail in the upper corner, the nail underneath is perfectly healthy although a bit short. It doesn't hurt, doesn't look gross, and can take some nail polish once again without looking bubbly and weird.

Never fear, faithful readers, I will not bother you with a final photo. However, I will disgust you all with the knowledge that I was so fascinated with the look of the suddenly free, damaged portion of my nail that I kept it in my hand and stared at it for about 5 minutes from pretty much every angle possible. I freely admit that if I had a microscope, I would have got an even closer look. Disgustingly cool.

I have a bit of a bet with one of my coworkers regarding the Stanley Cup finals. It involves me wearing a (bleeeech) Detroit jersey if they win and him having to carry around a stuffed penguin to all his various meetings for a day if Pittsburgh wins. As I write this, Malkin and Crosby just combined for a goal to pull ahead of Detroit 3-2 in the second period. Fingers crossed. Every chance he gets, he's trying to convince me that refereeing in the NHL is fixed and has been for years. Personally, I think it's a cop out for when your team doesn't win but who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Speaking of work, I'm feeling a bit bummed. My lack of official job description continues and the coworker I was covering for is back at work so most of the duties I've had for the past 8 months have gone back to her. For the most part this makes me happy but not knowing what my job will eventually entail is a bit frustrating. Plus with her back and asking me questions about various things makes me realize just how much I didn't know about the job. Not really my fault considering there was no one to train me at all and I was often doing the jobs of two or three people on any given day depending on who was on vacation, sick, on course, or just screwing the pooch. I know I did the best I could and if anyone has any complaints we can only go forward from this point but still...makes me feel a bit bad. Whatever.

FYI - 4-2 Pittsburgh. Yay Tyler Kennedy!

I screwed up the sweater again, this time on the sleeve. My fault definately and I can't blame it on watching hockey. I started knitting in the round but at the wrong angle or in the wrong direction or something and ended up knitting the wrong side (i.e. the side of the sweater that's supposed to face out was facing in). I solved the problem after one or two sets of the lace pattern but it's definately going to LOOK like a homemade sweater. Still, I don't mind. The body of the sweater (even with my mistakes) looks almost exactly like the picture in the pattern! First time for everything I guess.

That's it for now. Enjoying the weather, almost finished the first book on my summer reading list and watching a bunch of documentaries on WWI and Russia. Hope everyone's well.


Wandering Coyote said...

You should totally have taken a pic! I'd love to have seen it!

I hope you win the bet. I got a giggle thinking of that guy hauling a stuffed Penguin around to all his meetings. Now that would make for some great pics!

Milla said...

Thank the gods you DIDN'T put a picture of the nail again!

But a picture of the sweater, that would be lovely. It looks very fetching on you in the picture on the other post.

A beautiful Italian WWI film: La Grande Guerra by Monicelli. Wonderful! With Alberto Sordi and Vittorio Gassman.

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