I'll get flack for this I'm sure

Friday, June 26, 2009
...but I'm so sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. Yes he was talented and I'm sure he changed the face of popular music forever. But why is his death the biggest news story? What about Iran? North Korea? Oil? The environment? Education. The Economy.... Come on, lets put things into perspective.

And, if we're mourning dead celebrities...what about poor Farrah Fawcett? Here's a woman who was battling anal cancer, refused to give up even to the very end, and put aside all the ego and vanity usually associated with celebrities to document her struggle with cancer on film and share it with the world. Not for fame or money but for awareness. While I'm not saying that we should be crying buckets over the loss of a so-so actress, I'm sad to see that she has been forgotten amongst the disgusting spectacle that is the "king of pop".


harpervalley said...

i guess it depends on what news source you're looking at. when i was stuck in my motel 6 room in the dreaded Yreka, california, i tuned in to cnn. they gave first coverage to farrah, then michael. iran stuff was first though, they kind of inserted the celeb deaths as 'teasers'. and there was more coverage of farrah then micheal. interesting.

Wandering Coyote said...

I had to turn off Newsworld this morning because it was all MJ, all the time. I agree with you 100%. It's just too much and there is a definite lack of perspective.

mister anchovy said...

These days the cult of celebrity has taken over. One of our local news channels on TV has a celebrity gossip section every day, equal time with the news. The weirder and more sordid the life of the celebrity the more attention it gets. When Anna Nicole Smith checked out, the "investigation" was all over the television for weeks.

Milla said...

I'm glad I haven't got a TV! I listen to the internet music radios, with no talk, so pretty much I have been avoiding the MJ madness.
Still, for many people he was an important figure. I can imagine what's gonna happen at the funeral... it will be worse than when Diana died.

Gardenia said...

Oh, I so agree with you. I stay away from news right now because that's about all there is - I had quite enough of him through the child molestation trials, and through his gradual surgeries which turned him from a good looking kid into something that resembled a ghoul. Any other singer grabbing his crotch is just that - but MJ grabbing his crotch just appeared sinister to me - so I've never been a fan of him in anyway. I felt sorry for him on one hand, I don't think the Jackson kids had it very easy, there were two kids with serious body dysmorphia and wild claims of abuse from the girls I think, but felt sorrier for the kids he was sleeping with.

Farrah always appeared to have a dignity and class about her. My girls grew up with Charlie's Angels - and I admired her hard work on films with women's issues at hand. Her last filming experiences were extremely courageous and authentic. I would never have the courage to let people see me so ill. I guess I would most think of those two words for Farrah - Class and Courage.

SME said...

I loved his music and had some sympathy for Michael, but yeah...Farrah's passing was a bigger deal to me. She was a criminally underrated actress and a real fighter.

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