I'm a Couch Potato ... Get Me Outta Here!

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Out of the house that is. I need to do something. Just about anything. Within reason that is. I spend all my nights inside, watching telly and basically getting lazier and dumber by the minute. I could go for a walk but I'm thinking of something that possibly involves other people. I'm not really a sports person, at least when it comes to participating. Love to watch - I'm just not a fan of getting sweaty. So, no sports. And yes, I know I should be doing something at least semi-active but any sort of physical activity would require going commando in the tete region and...well...there are only a few folks who get to see that. Not sure I'm comfortable with strangers seeing me "naked" although you would think that'd be easier, right?

I know that there are a couple of knitting groups around the city, one of which (I think) still meets at a cafe on Whyte Avenue. With my plans of massive amounts of mittens to be knit for Christmas, this would be a perfect way to spend an evening out and getting to meet new people. Why can't fun things like that take place downtown? Grrrrrr. If anyone knows of a knitting group in Edmonton that meets in the downtown area...I'd LOVE to hear about it please. It's funny but only one of my friends (that I know of) knits. And she hasn't been knitting lately. Even if she had, she's so busy with other things that she wouldn't be able to commit to meeting on a regular basis anyway. Bummer.

I've also checked the Metro Continuing Education catalogue with the idea that I could take a class or two - a language, photography, cooking... Sadly, none of the classes I wanted to take were being offered over the summer. No luck for this Captain.


Milla said...

How about cookery classes? Or reading groups?

What do you mean by any sort of physical activity would require going commando in the tete region and...well...there are only a few folks who get to see that. ?
You mean in the changing rooms? Ah, but you could change in the toilet cubicules, as I used to do the only 4 times I ever went to a gymn.

harpervalley said...

start a scrabble group :D

i can't say much as i'm stuck in a small northern californian town waiting for car parts and all i'm doing is slipping into depression.....though i have ventured a couple of short hikes into the hills behind the motel. otherwise there's not much here to do, or at least i've told myself that.

anyways, FSP is on at harper valley

Gardenia said...

I'm sort of in the same doldrums....the beach where I go lay down again once I get there is most attractive, and the shaved ice stand, otherwise, why get out. Since food anon cut me off movie popcorn, I don't even go to movies anymore outside the house. The cats and I lounge and loll, and yawn, and eat, and poop, and eat...me, diet shakes - them special ordered cat food, and when grandson comes, they steal his food. Whatalife. Occasionally I will shake a "ahem" in the mirror to assure myself I am still alive and breathing....and they are still there, not turned to stone....

Ahhhh, knitting, how about blitzing the town - take your knitting and go sit in various places and knit a while, thus attracting like people and start a club?

I tried that with gardening, going to Books a Million and being obvious about holding up a book on gardening - but I think its a lazy southern thing, we are all just sort of lolling........

been like in the 100's of degrees C down here....people are warned not to go outside until 7 p.m.

I know, come down and visit, we'll go walk in water as it comes into sand and shakeatete...exercise the puppies!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is there anything at the library?

sp said...

The library is a good idea. What about a book club? Knitting would be fun. Too bad we're not in the same city.

Heather said...

Isn't there a place called River City Yarns in Edmonton? I have no idea where it is, but Virginia used to teach there and I remember her talking about a knitting group that met on the weekends.

I sure hear ya about the staying in thing. Is it wrong to be a recluse? Really wrong? I'm not so sure that it is.

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