Sweet Mother of Crap - Kim Jong Il is Crazy

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Ok, so no new news there but I came home to the news that the US is tracking a North Korean ship which is potentially carrying nuclear weapons and possibly with the intention of firing a missile towards Hawaii. North Korea has declared that any attempts to stop the ship will be considered an act of war. Here we were focusing our attentions on Saddam Hussien, Osama bin Laden and that creepy looking guy who's stolen the election in Iran (hmmm, more like Bush than he'd care to let on, I'm sure)....how foolish we have been. A major world conflict is bound to happen within the next 10 years whether it begins with North Korea and nuclear technology or somewhere in the middle east over oil, I'm sad to say I think we all need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable.


Anonymous said...

This is getting ridiculous. Why US can't take the peace route for change. No matter who's in the power, we can't seem to find peace. Before Bush call them "Axis of Evil" for Iran and North Korea, I believe KimJungIL was looking for economic means for his people following China's economic model. Which made the free trade zone in North Korea come true.

Why not try peace? Let's remove all the restrictions to North Korea and see if they are willing to risk everything by going Nuclear. Unless Obama is trying to save US Auto industry by creating war to distroy Korea and Japan, we should leave them alone; talk about the Killing the Competition. I din't vote for Obama to continue this un-peaceful resolution; I thought we'll be different situation then that ignorant B*sh&D*ck fu*king up US.

If we continue the poor, dying of hunger by millions due to all the blockade that's been put on the North Korea, they will make a choice. Either dying by hunger and cold or throw everything they got; no one knows what this would limit to. In Korea, there's proverb, "If you step on a worm then it will twitch".

Anonymous said...

My god anonymous you are a complete moron.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous's ad hominem attack isn't helpful. At the same time while I like Anonymous's advocacy for peace, I'm not sure Anonymous has a clear concept of risk.

If a risk is taken then at the moment it's likely to be taken by the Koreans and Japanese rather than the USA. Living further away from Japan than Anonymous and Anonymous, that's a risk I might be relatively relaxed about. However I'm not sure how ethical it would be to ask some anonymous Japanese to take a risk of another nuclear attack for me to see what happens.

The interconnection of the world markets also means that this wouldn't be a good idea for economic advantage. The economies of this region drive much of the technology sector. This might not worry Anonymous, but it could have a major impact on Anonymous who has a job reliant on this sector.

Fortunately Korea is ruled by a self-serving psychopath. That would suggest that while his own personal position as a god is secure he's not a threat unless he has voices in his head. I'm more worried about be the ongoing civil war in Pakistan where god-serving psychopaths might get their hands on a bomb.

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