Can we just say goodbye and move on?

Monday, July 06, 2009
Tomorrow is Michael Jackson's public memorial service in Los Angeles. While I'm hoping that this will mean we can actually move on to caring about actual real news, deep down I know it's only the beginning. The saga about how and why he died, who gets his kids, what happens to his estate and his "legacy" will go on for months and months. Guaranteed that there'll be some sort of anniversary special on TV this time next year.

I don't think I'd have so much of a problem if he had done more. I'm not talking about his career - I don't care about or for his music. Here's a man who, apparently, was abused as a child and had no real childhood (at least as most people know it). Rather than focus his energy on speaking out against child abuse and fighting for children's rights, he chose instead to hide away from the world, surround himself with little children (in questionable circumstances), and mutilate his face so that he would look nothing like the man who abused him. While I realize that his upbringing obviously influenced how his life has turned out, he still made his own choices and could easily have put his starpower, money, and influence to better uses.

Will I be paying tribute to Michael Jackson tomorrow? I might be raising a glass and saying good riddance bye but I certainly won't be sad.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You know we are never going to be hearing the end of the speculation, not to mention the Michael Jackson sightings in Walmart.

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