Thursday, July 23, 2009
I miss London.

Yes, I’ve wanted to go back since returning from my vacation but never as strongly as I feel it today. I can’t explain what it is but I’m longing to walk through the neighbourhood where I stayed in Islington – the quiet streets, the brick row houses…sigh. I

miss the crowds on the streets (although not in the museums).

Although UK readers might think I’m crazy, I miss the tube.

I miss the Thames, the quiet parks, Pret a Manger, and real chips.

I miss Milla, Red, *Asterisk, and Homie who used to stare at me in the early morning as I sat writing.

I miss the cathedrals, great museums, the sea side at Whitstable, and Strongbow in it’s country of origin.

I miss the pace of London, the atmosphere, the attitude, the air.

I miss tiny country roads, sheep, and the tomato soup at Leeds Castle.

I would love to go back with my mom and play tour guide for her (although I could easily get us both lost).

Oh London, why do you suddenly dominate my thoughts now when I can’t even consider returning due to a lack of funds?

If I could go back tomorrow, I’d visit the National Geographic Society, Greenwich, the dockyard in Chatham, Battle, the Tower, the Cabinet War rooms, Simon the Pieman, and the Imperial War Museum.

I’d revisit the British Museum, the National Gallery and Portrait Gallery, the Ship Tavern, Rye and, of course, my friends.


SME said...

This is why I'm half-afraid to visit England; I know I would fall in love, then miss it terribly.

sp said...

Now I want to go! I've only been to Bournemouth and Birmingham. I fell in love with Bournemouth and would love to go back. It's probably not going to happen, but at least I got there once.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's the only problem with travel. It lets us see what we're missing.

Milla said...

Come! Come! London will always welcome another London.
Are you sure you stayed in Islington? ;-)

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